December 8, 2010 Meeting Minutes


Present: Aryan Burns, Mariah Dale, Sue Earley, Laura Hosley, Scott Sullivan, Deb Tungett, Andrea vonHohenleiten

I.        Call to Order/ Introductions – Andrea called the meeting to order at 6:17.

II.      Minutes – The minutes were presented by Laura. Deb made a motion to accept them and Andrea seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously

III.    Treasurer’s Report – Laura explained that the only new bill submitted was for her consultation for the time up to when she came back as coordinator. Deb made a motion to accept the report, which Sue seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

IV.    Old Business

a.       Student Assistance – Stephanie Nocon gave Laura a report, which Aryan presented. Steph finished up all of the Newcomers’ groups in November. One group continues to meet and has included non-newcomers. They are working on the Prevention Education series of Project Success. All of the Project Northland groups have begun in the 8th grade. They changed the presentation topics to work on specific drugs. Two Project Success Prevention Ed series are up and running for 8th grade boys. Steph continued individual meetings. On December 17 is the Dodge the Holiday Blues Dodgeball Tourney. All proceeds are going toward the 8th grade Washington, DC trip. Laura said that Stephanie is an outstanding student assistance counselor who consistently shows her dedication and enthusiasm.

b.      Teen Center – Deb reported that Andrea took the photo of the kids with the toys that will be donated to Hasbro Children’s Hospital. They have a dance scheduled for Saturday. They received a $200 donation from someone who saw a press release. They are also gift wrapping on Saturday. There were 70 teens at the Christmas Tree Lighting. The PTO donated baked goods, which gave the Teen Center an extra $50 in proceeds. The vacation weeks between Christmas and New Years will have a different schedule, 2 – 9. There will be a trip to a URI basketball game and a Dive-In (as in swimming pool) Movie at the Boys and Girls Club in Newport. They have been cooking and the Community Theatre is coming in to do two workshops. There is also a Historical Film project upcoming and an overnight lock-in planned for January 29.

c.       Friends of Jamestown Youth – They are strategic planning. They were considering doing the teen survey with the Survey Works survey that the schools will be giving anyway.

d.      Juvenile Hearing Board - Sue reported that there have been some serious issues to deal with. Four youth suffered from alcohol poisoning; consequences included visiting an emergency room. Barbara Szepatowski volunteered to start a volunteer corps.

e.      Fund-raising – Laura commented that this group ought to work with the Friends of Jamestown Youth in this area.

f.        Marketing – Laura began a Jamestown Prevention Coalition Facebook page. Deb is working on a Facebook page also.

g.       Municipal Court – The group has heard many times that ordinances are outdated. If the municipal court idea is to be successful, the town ordinances will need to be updated. The group will wait to hear from Michael White before continuing to pursue this idea.

Scott brought in items that he has confiscated in Jamestown in the past month and members and staff were amazed. It was mentioned numerous times that parents need to see this presentation, just to be aware of what is out there. Creating a movie or presentations through the school were potential options.

V.      New Business

a.       Policies/Ordinances – Nothing new was discussed other than what was in the Municipal Court section.

b.      Spheres of Influence – This will be carried over to the next meeting.

c.       Upcoming Events/Trainings – No items.

d.      Meeting Schedule/Guests – The next meeting is scheduled for January 12 at 6 p.m. in the Teen Center.

VI.    Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 with a motion by Andrea and a second by Sue. The motion carried unanimously.