Jamestown Prevention Coalition

Meeting Minutes

November 18, 2009


Present: Stephanie Nocon, Debbie Tungett, Barbara Szepatowski, Sue Earley, Laura Hosley, Garrett Bucklin

Guests: Keith Woodbine from the Jamestown Police Department.


I. Call to Order/Introductions: The meeting was called to order at 6:20 pm.


II.  Minutes: Minutes from the 7/22/09 and 10/7/09 meeting were presented. A motion to accept the minutes was made by Debbie Tungett and seconded by Garrett Bucklin. The minutes passed unanimously.


III. Treasurer's Report: The treasurer's report was presented by Laura Hosley.  A motion to accept the Treasurer's report was made by Barbara Szepatowski and seconded by Sue Earley. The motion passed unanimously.


IV. Old Business

            a. Student Assistance: Stephanie discussed Red Ribbon week.  The question of the           day was a big hit during Red Ribbon Week and will continue throughout the             school year on a weekly basis.  Project Nortland Peer Leader trainings began and         classes for the 6 & 7th grade will begin the first week in December.  The 8th             grade will begin in 3rd quarter.  Keith and Debbie asked if they would be able to   see the curriculum and possibly watch a class.  So far this school year Stephanie      has met with 57 students.


            b. Teen Center:  The dance policy has been updated.  Only adults will be able to    sign teens in at dances.  All teens must be members, members may bring a guests      and will be held responsible for the guests behavior.  Discussion also took place      about updating the internet and cell phone use policies this winter. The Monster     Ball occurred on Halloween. This was different than in past years, this year it was         used as more of a brief stop for teens to heat while they were trick or treating            downtown. Job Corp has begun including babysitting as part of their services.              During Willy Wonka at the Rec. Center the teens have been taking field trips         including: PC Friars game, Providence Bruins Game, and rollerskating.  The open       house will be during the tree lighting ceremony on December 5th.


            c. Juvenile Hearing Board: An ad will run in the press to get applications for these             positions.  The Prevention Coalition will be able to make recommendations for       board members.  The Jamestown Police, DEM, and RI State Police will be able to     refer juveniles to the JHB.


            d. Legislation: Stephanie discussed some of the legislation that will be brought to the RI State House including changes in the Social Host Law.


            e. State Task Forces:  Stephanie discussed some of the new laws including the       text message law and mandatory search warrant law.  Keith was able to explain    the law in more detail for the members.  Laura will take Stephanie's place at the           RISAPA meetings during December and February due to a conflict in Stephanie's             schedule. Stephanie will participate in a training for KITS on November 30th.        Laura attended the annual meeting with Mrs. Carcieri on November 17th.


V. New Business

            a. No new funding requests.


            b. No upcoming meetings or trainings.


            c. Strategic Planning: Stephanie will check with East Providence Task Force          Coordinator about a grant to help with strategic planning.


            d. Teen Task Force:


            e. Health & Wellness Survey Results: Laura presented the results from last school year's survey that was analyzed by John Madson.  Stephanie will summarize and    work on an article for the press, hand out for Open House at Teen Center, and     possible school committee presentation.


            F. This year by-laws and mission statement will need to be updated.


VI. Adjournment: A motion was made by Sue Earley and seconded by Barbara Szepatowski. Motion passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.