November 10, 2010 Meeting Minutes


Present:  Aryan Burns, Gary Cournoyer, Mariah Dale, Laura Hosley, Stephanie Nocon, Scott Sullivan, Deb Tungett, Andrea vonHohenleiten, Mike White

I.        Call to Order/ Guests/ Introductions – Andrea called the meeting to order at 6:10. A motion was made by Deb to accept Mariah and Aryan as members. Andrea seconded the motion and it carried unanimously. Congratulations!

II.      Minutes – The minutes were presented. Gary made a motion to accept them and Steph seconded the motion. It carried unanimously. Laura will email the minutes in the future.

III.    Treasurer’s Report – There was no official report, as most of the funding is now contracted out an annual basis. Laura reported that she sent an email to Bruce Keiser regarding the town’s match.

IV.    Old Business

a.       Teen Center – Aryan reported that they have received 17 donated toys and raised $100 from the dance to buy more. They play to go to Hasbro on Dec.21 with the donations.  Andrea will need a call from Deb the week before so she can take photos.  The Teen Center needed to be vacated for the Community Theatre’s play, and this happens every November. There will be some thought going into an alternate location in the future for that month. There is a teen bullying workshop scheduled for next week.

b.      Student Assistance – Steph reported that she celebrated Red Ribbon Week and had “most spirited of the day” awards. The annual soccer game with students against faculty took place. The 8th grade Project Northland classes started this week. She is currently running two 8th grade boys’ groups. Steph said that she wishes that she was still there four days per week.

c.       Friends of Jamestown Youth – They have been meeting to do strategic planning and are now officially a non-profit organization.

d.      Juvenile Hearing Board - Gary talked about how they have been getting cases and meeting on a regular basis. They are looking for an alternate; the Town Council will be interviewing for the position as they have two candidates. Scott talked about how he sees it as a good thing and Gary said that they can be more creative than the Family Court, especially by utilizing community service projects. For the underage drinking cases, they sent them to the emergency rooms and had them interview personnel and write papers. Linda Chaves, an emergency room nurse who lost her son in a drunk driving accident, was recommended as a resource. For a cyberbullying offense, there was a research paper and community service project required. The student came back to the board visibly shaken. The group talked about possibly utilizing the posters that are created, in the teen center and at the school. Gary will think about this. He also commented that half of the youth get very upset at the hearings. One benefit is that smaller offenses can be handled that might have been let go otherwise.

e.      Fundraising – Some Halloween costumes were collected but there was limited advertising of the initiative. There is a new editor at the Jamestown Press; his email address is tim@jamestownpress.com. Laura suggested that the fundraising be coordinated with the Friends of Jamestown Youth so as not to duplicate efforts.

f.        Marketing – Laura contacted Sav Rebecchi. The group decided to hold off on getting involved in promoting the coalition through that resource at this time.

g.       Municipal Court – Laura presented the information that she gathered through an internet search. Jamestown already had the legislation enabling the formation of a municipal court passed. Barrington and Little Compton are looking into getting one going. Scott said that the police have to let a lot of stuff go, that  Jamestown loses money as all of the fines go to the state and that having a municipal court would make it a lot easier for officers. He mentioned that it would also take a burden off of the district court system.  He suggested that it could meet once a month in Jamestown. He expressed that a disadvantage would be the stigma that could result as people think that they only want to have it to collect money for the town. Mike said that he would check in with Bruce Keiser to see where the issue went. It was brought up with the last Town Council but Mike is the only one still on board and it was never discussed again, as far as he knew.

V.      New Business

a.       Policies/ Ordinances - There are issues with some of the Town Ordinances. Scott will go back to the other police officers to get recommendations on which ones should be top priorities. Mike will make serve as our Town Council liaison on these issues.

b.      Spheres of Influence – This will be dealt with at a future meeting.

c.       Trainings – Laura alerted the group to one training offered through Harvard Medical School on March 4 & 5, 2011 on Treating the Addictions. Deb and Laura attended a forum at Brown University yesterday on Community and School Influences on Adolescent Substance Abuse as well as another on Social Networking and Creating a Facebook Page on November 3. A Coalition Facebook page was created as a result.

d.      Other – No other issues were brought up.

VI.    Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 7:51 with a motion by Steph and second by Deb.


The next meeting is scheduled for December 8 at 6 p.m. in the Teen Center.