Jamestown Prevention Coalition

October 15, 2010 Meeting Minutes


Present: Aryan Burns, Mariah Dale, Sue Earley, Laura Hosley, Stephanie Nocon, Deb Tungett, Teddy Hebert

  1. Call to Order/ Introductions – The meeting was called to order at 6:25 by Laura.


  1. Guests – Teddy from the JPD was a guest; Scott will be the regular JPD representative.


  1. Minutes – Stephanie presented the minutes from the last meeting. Deb made a motion to accept them, and Sue seconded the motion. The motion carried.


  1. Treasurer's Report – The budget was presented and explained, as well as the Student Assistance contract. Laura will ask Bruce Keiser about the in-kind portion of the funding from the town. Steph made a motion to accept the report, which Sue seconded. The motion carried.


  1. Old Business

A. Laura reviewed the mission and vision and the group went over the strategies which were determined at a meeting a few months ago.

·         Get youth back on the coalition - Aryan and Mariah agreed to continue to be involved. It was suggested that we ask James Mastrostefano, as he always had good ideas, especially about fund-raising. Sue will ask Travis Earley. Steph will ask Jessica Wolke , NKHS Student Assistance Counselor, about True North and VAASA (Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse) students. Steph will also ask Project Northland students in the Lawn Avenue School.

·         Form subcommmittees – We will wait and see, forming “action groups” as needed.

·         Plan fund-raising events – We will keep this on the agenda. The Halloween costume collection is the first endeavor, on which Steph is working.

·         Explore grants – Once again, we will pursue them as we see them. For the state (BHDDH)'s Block Grant application, Teddy suggested joining forces with North Kingstown. Pursuing grants through the Newport County Foundation is another possibility. Sue volunteered to help with the grant writing. Sue suggested inviting staff from BHDDH to come to one of our events to help promote us.

·         Determine marketing – A training on how to construct a Facebook page for your coalition will be held on Nov. 3 from 10-12 at Buttonwoods Community Center in Warwick.  Laura  plans to go and others were interested. They need to contact Laura so she can register them. Laura will also contact Sav Rebecci about getting on the Jamestown Record website.

·         Decide on partnerships – The police, school and Friends of Jamestown Youth were mentioned, but no formal plans were made.

·         Decide on number of student assistance program days – We decided to keep it on the table. An additional day  could be written into a grant proposal.

·         Pursue municipal court – We will also keep this item on the agenda. Teddy explained that a municipal court streamlines cases that would go to the state. The money from fines and the information stays in the community. Currently, the police take the cases to Newport District Court, which can be very busy. He feels that having the court here would be a deterrent. Also, some of the funds could be earmarked for prevention, in the form of the student assistance program or extra hours that the Teen Center could be open. Laura will call Jason Clark of the NKPD. We know that we will need data to support having a Jamestown municipal court, but will make a case if it seems to be a worthwhile endeavor. Laura will also find out which other communities in RI have a municipal court.



            B. Teen Center – Deb reported that there is a dance coming up and AMPT is working on           collecting toys to donate to Hasbro for the holidays. (There is a bin in the Community Center         lobby.) The first county-wide showcase of activities is also coming up.


C. Student Assistance – Steph said that the Newcomers' Groups have started. Everyone new to the district has to meet with her. For a month in October, she holds the groups during lunch and does fun things to get these students involved and comfortable in the new school. New students are more at risk of getting into the wrong groups, which is the rationale behind this work. She is planning Red Ribbon Week. Activities include Spirit Week, a soccer game, questions of the day and raffles. Steph applied for and received funding from the PTO for these activities. She needed a tree for a poster and Sue volunteered to get her one from her old office (if it's still there). Referrals are coming in and Steph has been to nine classrooms to do introductory presentations.


D. Friends of Jamestown Youth – Deb reported that they have started the strategic planning process. She says that it is hard to think of Jamestown youth as one group, since different groups are involved. Jamestown Day was a success; they raised $650 through a Rotary donation, legislative grant, and entrance fees at the gate.


E. Juvenile Hearing Board – Sue reported that they have had two meetings. She said that Gary Cournoyer is a great chairperson and has it all working smoothly. Everything is picked up from the JPD in advance, so the members can put some thought into the cases. As she sees it, a young person makes a mistake, sees the community rallying around them, gets an appropriate plan consisting of consequences that they need to follow through on, and learns from the process.


VI.         New Business

A. Policies/Ordinances – Laura  told the group that she had emailed with Lt. Angela Deneault this afternoon and faxed to her policies that Angela had presented earlier in the year to the group. Angela will work on updating them. Laura passed out the Middletown ordinance on underage drinking; she had also faxed it to Angela.


         B. Spheres of Influence – Laura will present this at the next meeting.


C. Upcoming Trainings – Laura passed out information about free upcoming trainings at Brown University - Energizing the Community to Nurture Healthy Young People: Taking Advances in Prevention Science to Scale (featuring J. David Dawkins) is on October 21 from 4-6 and Community and School Influences on Adolescent Substance Abuse is on November 10 from 11-1:15. Use Gustavo_Rosa@brown.edu or 863-3446 to contact Brown for registration.


VII.    Next Meetings – The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 10 at 6 p.m. at the Teen                           Center. It is a pot luck again (Steph, try not to leave your pizza at your house this time).


 VIII. Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 with a motion by Sue and a second by Steph.           No one was opposed to the motion.