Jamestown Prevention Coalition

Meeting Minutes



Present: Sue Earley, Laura Hosley, Mariel Mastrostefano, Melissa Mastrostefano, Stephanie Nocon, Barbara Szepatowski, Andrea vonHohenleiten

Guests: John Areson, Gary Cournoyer


I.                   Call to Order/ Introductions – Andrea called the meeting to order at 6:15.

II.                Review of Minutes – Laura forgot to bring them and will have them at the next meeting for review. There wasn’t a quorum at the past few meetings so the minutes will go back to April.

III.             Treasurer’s Report – Laura presented the report. She suggested that the remaining $1,000.00 go toward the Student Assistance bill. Laura talked about Stephanie taking over the Task Force work, to keep her position in the budget. Melissa brought up the idea of a potential conflict of interest, but no one could think of any.

IV.             Old Business

a.       Student Assistance – Stephanie and Laura talked about the tobacco grant, which resulted in a Kick Butts kickball game, Smartboard purchase for the school, social norms campaign, and Inkaswasi Peruvian band concert.

b.      Teen Center – Steph reported that the Skate Fest is scheduled for 8/1 and Six Flags trip for 8/12. Last week there was an auto class. A kickball tournament will be held a week from the date of the meeting, 7/29. The center is averaging 30 teens per day. There was not a substance abuse prevention training for the summer employees. Laura had mentioned it to Bill Piva, but it just didn’t happen. Barbara suggested putting the training on their schedule. She also suggested a suicide prevention workshop for the Teen Center.

c.       Juvenile Hearing Board – Chief Tighe let Laura know that the Charter Review Committee had added this to their calendar, which was voted on and approved by the Town Council. Barbara suggested that it doesn’t have to wait until November. She said that she will bring it up to the Council in August and then it can start right up. Sue volunteered to go to the meeting on the 17th.

d.      Legislative and Policy Initiatives – Mariel brought up the task force that has been created in RI around human trafficking. He expressed her feeling that it had relevance to substance abuse prevention. It was suggested that she write a letter and give it to her mother to bring to the Task Force if she has gone to college. Laura talked about the chemical health policy that passed in North Kingstown, as well as the two potential Jamestown ordinances. Barbara suggested that Carolyn Mannis come to a coalition meeting.

e.       State Task Force – Laura gave some detail about the functioning of this group and their strategies. Mariel expressed her opinion that we can control what is going on in our own community. Barbara suggested holding meetings in the Teen Center. Steph explained her perspective that supervision and monitoring by parents is a problem. Barbara suggested speaking to the Town Council and School Committee. Sue expressed her worries about photo-shopping (in regards to the cyber-image part of the policy) and also the “in the presence of” part. Laura will send the policy to the members.

V.                New Business

a.       Coordinator’s Position – This was discussed under the Treasurer’s Report. It was voted in unanimously after a motion by Barbara and second by Mariel. Steph should have six hours per week and Laura two once she is trained up and transitioned over.

b.      Funding Possibilities – Laura brought up a few creative ideas that the group liked. Barbara mentioned that Deb attended a training on grant-writing.

c.       Other – Gary was voted in as a member with a motion by Steph and a second by Mariel. It was unanimous. Also, an invitation to be extended to Theresa Paiva-Weed and Deb Ruggiero to attend a meeting was decided to be a good idea. It was a unanimous vote after a motion by Mariel and a second by Barbara. Laura was going to a conference on Methamphetamine in New England on Friday. Also, Mariel made a motion to change the Task Force’s name to the Prevention Coalition. Barbara seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

d.      Next Meeting – The group talked about having the next meeting at Fort Getty on August 5 at 5:30.

e.       Adjournment – Steph made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which Mariel seconded. The motion carried unanimously and the meeting ended at 8:22.