Jamestown Prevention Coalition

Meeting Minutes 6/15/11

Present: Laura Hosley, Stephanie Nocon, Deb Tungett, Mike White, Andrea VonHohenleiten.

Guest: Andrea Brayman

I.        Call to Order/Welcome/Introductions – The meeting was called to order by Andrea Von at 5:44.

II.      Minutes – The minutes were reviewed. Deb noticed that the date for Relay for Life was incorrect; it was on May 20. It was requested that Laura make copies of the essays from the Juvenile Hearing Board. Mike made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections; Deb seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.

III.    Treasurer’s Report/Strategic Plan –  There was no report at this time.

IV.    Old Business

A.      Teen Center – Deb reported that the dance held on May 27 had the best attendance of any all year. There were 70 students present. Laura asked if there was any suspicion of drug or alcohol use. Deb said no and that there were two adults who checked for signs. Deb said that the talent show didn’t go very well due to a lack of advertising but the student did it anyway with a small crowd. The Teen Center is part of the RI After School Plus Alliance; they had their last training today.

The Teen Center’s leadership group made signs for the doors on where to leave in case of an emergency. There was a discussion that there needs to be an evacuation plan. The group felt that it is probably Bill Piva who needs to be responsible for this. Also, the field trip schedule is out.

B.      Student Assistance – Steph reported that the Ice Cream Social at the high school had over 60 8th graders and 20 parents in attendance, double what it was last year. Steph said that there were probably 20 Jamestowners. It was an event held to introduce students from the different middle schools to help in the transition from middle to high school. Tim Chase spoke to the parents. The Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse did “icebreakers”.

The 6th grade Project Northland is finished. There was a problem getting the comic books for the curriculum. Laura will forward the flyer from Hazelden to get a discount on the supplies.

A letter to parents will be going out in the report cards reminding parents that substance use increases in the summer. Steph will add information about prescription drug abuse per Laura’s request. Laura asked about the Wellness Council for the Jamestown schools. Steph or Andrea B. will check on its status.

C.      Juvenile Hearing Board – no report.

D.      Friends of Jamestown Youth – Deb reported that there is a second subcommittee called “All about Youth”. Some of the members went to the Leadership group to find out topics kids want to hear about. Healthy cooking, famous athletes, spa nights, dance lessons, art and music were all topics mentioned. Andrea B. asked about Julie Maguire’s Leadership Academy, which was mentioned in the last meeting minutes. It was thought that they were supposed to be mentoring 8th graders.

The next Jamestown Day is scheduled for September 9, with a rain date of September 16. It will be at Fort Getty again and probably have a rock wall and bonfire.

It was mentioned that we want kids to participate in the Prevention Coalition. Some have been invited and will need to be reminded.

E.       Municipal Court/Policies – Mike explained the concept to Andrea B. and said that it is currently on the “back burner”.

F.       Activity/Grant Reports – Laura said that the Department of Health hasn’t made a decision yet in regards to the Tobacco grant that she applied for on behalf of Jamestown.

G.     Other – Laura reported that she spoke with people at the Special Olympics office about the Penguin Plunge but still need to reach the head of the organization. She showed photos of potential signs that say “no alcohol” for Mackeral Cove. Deb will show them to Bill Piva and get back to the group.

V.      New Business

A.      By-Laws – The group decided to do this the next time. Andrea Von is willing to continue on as Chairperson but the by-laws would need to be amended. Laura will put this information in the next meeting notice and also change the words “task force” to “coalition” in the proposed amended by-laws.

B.      Upcoming Trainings/Events – There were none to mention.

C.      Other – Laura talked about two “action groups” being formed by the RI Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force Association: Chemical Health Policies and Above the Influence Media Campaigns. There would be meetings every other month and it would be great if members participated. Andrea B. said that she has contacts on Channels 10 and 12. Deb’s mom runs Newport This Week. Andrea Von works at the Jamestown Press. Deb Ruggiero works in the media as well.

VI.    Next Meeting – The next meeting will be held on August 10 in the Teen Center at 6:00 p.m.

VII.  Adjournment – Mike made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which Steph seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 6:35.