Jamestown Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force

Meeting Minutes 6/11/08


Present: Jessica Bucklin, Angela Deneault, Sue Earley, Eleanor Hanson, Laura Hosley, Mariel Mastrostefano, Melissa Mastostefano, Melissa Minto, Barbara Szepatowski


Guest: Dave Hosley


I. Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 6:10.


II. Guests – Dave Hosley was the guest.


III. Minutes – Laura handed the minutes out from the last meeting. The minutes should have said 14 6th graders, under Student Assistance. She explained that the student assistance counselors were all laid off due to funding cuts. Melissa Minto made a motion to accept the minutes with the correction. Mariel seconded the motion and is passed unanimously.


IV. Treasurer’s Report – Laura presented the report and next year’s proposed budget. Barbara made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, which Melissa Mastrostefano seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Barbara volunteered to check with Tot Wright about someone funding the phone. Laura will look into dropping the long distance. A letter will be started by Mariel after she interviews Representative Bruce Long. Melissa Mastrostefano suggested putting the Task Force out more to the public. Barbara will go to Tina Collins after Tot to see if the town will support the phone and internet service.


V. New Business

            A. Student Assistance – Stephanie Nocon had given Laura a report by email.

The Teen Institute dodgeball tournament was a success with 12 teams! Project Northland finished for the sixth grade and the kids did a pretty good job on their poster projects. She will be on maternity leave through November 10. A substitute will be in her place.


            B. Teen Center – Melissa Minto reported that there were 125 kids at the dance on Friday who had gathered 200 canned goods. 12 kids from Jamestown went to the Teen Institute reunion. Almost all of the interviews for the Coordinator’s position are done. Since she has been accepted at Cornell University, Melissa will share the position with the new person for the summer. The Six Flags trip is August 5. The police are funding it. Kids going into grades 7 – 12 are welcome. The open/drop-in hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 2 – 8. There will be trips Tuesdays and Thursdays. There is also a youth sports performance camp and free fundamentals of fitness activities. Health benefits were an issue for Melissa Minto; Barbara will talk to Bruce Keiser about this. Melissa will be working on the tile project this summer. She has raised $6,500.00 and is trying to get to $10,000.00. A group of kids want to do something this summer (with the band Sidewinder) in June or July. Melissa would like the new coordinator to work on this. Barbara needs kids who can do community service work.


            C. Underage Drinking – The police decided to do a press release about the underage parties, after Angela read the North Kingstown ones. She said that the hostess couldn’t be charged because she was under 21. The police had been alerted because of the noise. The party had been advertised on Facebook. Two hours after the alcohol was taken out, a kid drove away whose blood alcohol level was five times the legal limit. As far as the house check policy goes, Angela will use the North Kingstown policy as a guide and write up a form. The School Resource Officer position (4 hours) was cut from the budget. Laura brought up the complaint about the Penguin Plunge that she received from an individual. Supposedly, EMTs were even drinking, along with others on the beach. A member mentioned that people smoke marijuana on the beach as well, at the event. It was suggested that Laura call the Special Olympics. They pay for the police details. They need at least two extra officers on the beach, it was stated, and there should be something in their publication about substance use. Or it can be suggested that they make it an alcohol-free event. Laura will talk to either Bill Donovan or Chief Tighe.


            D. Funding Requests – The Jamestown Housing Authority asked for funding. Barbara wondered why they don’t ask the time. Laura will let them know that they need to approach the town.


            E. Other – Eleanor was worried about not funding Project Adventure. Mariel suggested that the Task Force fund scholarships for needy families. Laura also told the group about Victor DeNoble coming in and the comment from a spectator, who was upset about the animal experiments. Dr. DeNoble explained to Laura that this is the way research was done then; now it is on computers.


            F. Next Meeting – The meeting will be July 30, with a half hour meeting and then a celebration. Mariel suggested having it somewhere else. Note: Laura reserved Fort Getty.


VI. Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 7:23 with a motion by Barbara and seconds by Mariel and Jessica. The vote was unanimous.