May 18, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Present: Steve Head, Laura Hosley, Mark Matoes, Stephanie Nocon, Brian Page, Bill Piva, Deb Tungett, Mike White, and Andrea von Hohenleiten.

I.        Call to Order/Welcome/Introductions – The meeting was called to order by Andrea at 6:13. People introduced themselves.

II.     Minutes – The February and April minutes were presented by Laura. A motion was made by Deb to approve the February minutes, which Gary seconded. The motion carried unanimously. A motion was made by Bill to approve the April minutes, which was seconded by Deb. The motion carried unanimously.

III.   Treasurer’s Report/Strategic Plan – This item was skipped.

IV.  Old Business

A.     Teen Center – The Film-making project is almost over. The showcase is May 19. There were seven movies made. The Newport County After School Collaboration has almost sixty youth participating. On Friday, May 27 is a dance. That same night is AMPT’s Relay for Life. Over the summer, there will be trips every Thursday. The Jamestown Police Department will pay for the busses. The Talent Show auditions are Saturday from 6-8.  On Monday, the East Bay Youth Series had 20 young people fill out applications for jobs. There are actually more jobs than kids! They are looking for ages 14 – 24, mostly over the bridge on the Newport side.

B.     Student Assistance – Dan Converse came to present in North Kingstown at the high school. About 40 parents and students were present, mostly Jamestowners. Laura talked about how her own kids said that they wouldn’t call her if they did something stupid and the members expressed that they think most kids feel the same way. Gary said that the NFL pays for drivers if there is an issue but the players don’t call because they don’t think they are drunk. Steve said that they need to know the repercussions. Deb said that the Friends of Jamestown Youth are also planning on bringing Dan in. Friday is the Ice Cream Social at the high school. 50 students signed up. It is for 8th graders from all three feeder schools. The Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse members will present and help out.

C.     Juvenile Hearing Board – There was no meeting last month. The may not have any this month. Gary gave Laura copies of the essays that the kids did. Parents have been offering assistance. Steph talked about the letters that Barrington Police Chief LaCross sends to parents of youth. They are on the Barrington Police Department’s website. Gary said there is talk of a regional hearing board and that he is willing to participate.

D.     Friends of Jamestown Youth – They were talking about doing 8th – 9th grade transition activities but then realized that it was already being covered by other groups. In the fall, All About Youth will begin. There should also be parent presentations. Also, they want to pair up senior citizens with teens on the computer. Julie Maguire is setting up a Youth Leadership program.

E.      Municipal Court/Policies – Mike White stated that Chief Tighe had submitted a report on the Municipal Court, but, at the time, Bruce Keiser expressed that he didn’t feel that it was worth it. The group acknowledged the work Chief Tighe did in the past on the municipal court. Mike said that he has experienced the municipal court in North Kingstown. He said that it was “packed”. Quarterly meetings would keep the cost down. Steve said that it would provide more of a “community feeling” and have people feel that they “got a fair shake”.

F.      Other

V.     New Business

A.     Prescription Drug Take Back – Mark did the Take Back for Newport and took Middletown and Jamestown’s drugs away. There is talk of doing it twice a year. No questions were asked of people turning them in. Laura is going to Washington, DC to testify before the Senate on Prescription Drug Abuse in RI.

B.     Tobacco and Brown Grants – Laura got letters of support easily for the tobacco grant but still hasn’t heard any news. Mike said that the ordinance that was proposed about keeping tobacco products behind the counter has already begun the process. Tony Spirito of Brown is submitting a big grant proposing working with sixth graders who are impulsive and risk-takers along with their parents. Kathy Almanzor signed a letter of support. It would help pay for the Student Assistance Program.

C.     Upcoming Trainings/Events – At RIC on June 3, from 8:30 – 1 is a program called “Building State Capacity”. Steph, Laura, Deb, and Andrea Brayman are planning to attend.

D.     Other – Mike, Brian, Steve & Mark wanted to be voted in as members. Steph made a motion to do this and Bill seconded it. It passed unanimously. Also, Laura showed the charts she made and talked about advocating for having the Student Assistance program restored in the North Kingstown middle schools.

VI.  Next Meeting/Adjournment – The next meeting will be on June 15 at 5:30 at the Teen Center.