Jamestown Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force

Meeting Minutes for May 14, 2008


Present: Sue Earley, Laura Hosley, James Mastrostefano, Melissa Mastrostefano, Mariel Mastrostefano, Melissa Minto, Stephanie Nocon, Andrea vonHohenleiten, Eric vonHohenleiten


I.                    Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Andrea at 6:26.

II.                 Guests – None.

III.               Minutes – The minutes were presented by Laura. Sue made a motion to accept them, which Mariel seconded and they were approved unanimously.

IV.              Treasurer’s Report – Laura presented the Treasurer’s Report. She noted that there was about $2,100 left. Sue made a motion to approve the report noting that one amount was missing from 4/6 for Verizon. Steph seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

V.                 Old Business

a.       Student Assistance/Schools – Steph reported that she saw 88% of the school population. She didn’t see 25 students. With Project Northland, she missed 11 5th graders and 14 5th graders. Her maternity leave will end 11/10. A substitute student assistance counselor will be there.

b.      Teen Program – Melissa reported that they started interviews and that they have some good candidates. There is a dance coming up which is sponsored by the Teen Institute (TI)/Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) youth. Upcoming is also a dodgeball tournament/food drive with the theme “Help Dodge Hunger”. They haven’t heard from the police department about the Six Flags trip.

c.       Underage Drinking – Laura talked about the Robin Cullen presentation at the high school. Mariel expressed that it has become an “Us against Them” thing.

d.      Legislation – The school’s tobacco and substance abuse policy issue has gone to subcommittee through the Wellness Council. Melissa will contact Lisa Primiano to have her pick up No Smoking signs from the Department of Health.

e.       State Task Forces – Laura showed the photo in the Cranston media campaign flyer, which some found offensive. She explained where the state task force situation was currently. She also talked about bringing in Dr. Victor DeNoble, in collaboration with the North Kingstown and Middletown Task Forces. James (8th grader) talked about how he remembered him from three years ago and the brains and safe cigarette story. Eric (11th grader) said that he remembered him from when he was in fourth grade.

VI.              New Business

a.       Other - Melissa Mastrostefano talked about a project called “Exchange City”, where kids have a chance to run a city.

VII.            Adjournment – Steph made a motion to adjourn, which Mariel seconded. The motion     

             was approved unanimously and the meeting ended at 7:12.