Jamestown Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force Meeting

April 29, 2009 Minutes


Present: Laura Hosley, Melissa Mastrostefano, Andrea vonHohenleiten

Guest: Gary Cournoyer

Note: Earlier in the afternoon, notice had been made that North Kingstown High School was closing for two days due to a possible Swine Flu episode. The Jamestown Police did not want students at the police station, so they had to be told not to come to the meeting. Since there was no quorum, no votes could be taken. It was decided to have discussions but to hold the issues until the next meeting.


I. Call to Order/Introductions – Andrea called the meeting to order at 6:05. Introductions were made.


II. Minutes – Laura presented the minutes. No one had a problem with them but they couldn’t be voted on.


III. Treasurer’s Report – Laura presented the Treasurer’s Report. The Task Force is on target with about $2,500 left to spend this fiscal year. The discussion will be continued next month with the Task Force members.


IV. Old Business

            A. Student Assistance – Stephanie Nocon couldn’t attend the meeting so there      was no report.

            B. Teen Center – Debbie Tungett was not present so there was no report.

            C. Juvenile Hearing Board – The group wasn’t sure where the issue stood so          Laura will check with Chief Tighe and Gary will call Deb Ruggiero. The status of             the tip line was another question the group had.

            D. Legislation and Policy Initiatives and

            E. Underage Drinking – Laura commented on the lack of RI laws around this        issue. Laura will send information on the May 29 conference to Gary. Laura also   talked about the May 26 single agenda North Kingstown School Committee            around the proposed athletic and extracurricular activities policy.


V. New Business

            A. Proposed New Task Force Name, Meeting Times – All of the participants were

            available on Mondays. Others will have to give their feedback.

            B. Grants – Laura will explain about the grants at the next meeting.

            C. Funding Requests – There were none.

            D. Trainings – The participants talked about the New England School of    Addiction Studies.

            E. Other – There was nothing else.

            F. Adjournment – The meeting ended around 7:00.


The next meeting will be held on Monday, May 11 starting at 5:45 at the police station.