April 9, 2008 Minutes 

Present: Jessica Bucklin, Samantha Bucklin, Rowena Burke, Sue Earley, Eleanor Hanson, Laura Hosley, James Mastrostefano, Mariel Mastrostefano, Melissa Mastrostefano, Melissa Minto, Barbara Szepatowski, Andrea vonHohenleiten, Eric vonHohenleiten.

Guest: Officer Rui Silva

I.                       Welcome/Introductions – The meeting began at 6:15.

II.                    Minutes – Melissa Minto made a motion to approve the minutes of the March meeting; Barbara seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

III.                  Treasurer’s Report – Laura presented the report and explained the budget. Barbara will submit a letter to the Town Council asking for $15,000 for the Task Force for the next year. She will send the letter to Eleanor and everyone else before submitting it. Samantha made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report; Barbara seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

IV.                 Old Business

A.     Student Assistance – The town paid the last student assistance bill. The Teen Center grant will pick up one day. Steph will do the tobacco curriculum. Barbara recommended that all members go to the budget meeting on April 28 in the Town Hall. Everyone in support of the schools should wear red.

B.     Teen Center – Twelve 7th graders went to Teen Institute for four days. The action plan is for a drive for charity and to continue the youth advisory board. They are accepting applications for part-time supervisors for the Teen Center, who have to be at least a high school graduate. Melissa explained that she is applying to Cornell and is also going to Nicaragua in July and August. She will be leaving her position the end of June. There will still be a family fun day. Sidewinder is interested in being the band. Melissa needs to create a community guide for others wanting to start a teen center (for the grant). The funding will continue for another two years. A parent volunteer needs to be there 3 – 8 on Fridays, probably for shifts. $900 for part-timers is in the grant. On Saturdays, they want to extend their hours from 2 – 6 because the kids are asking for it. She would like to do a Six Flags trip if the police would sponsor them again. The group thanked Melissa and told her they’d miss her. Barbara will talk to Bill this week.

C. Underage Drinking – Barbara said that there has been no caller ID at the police station. It is now added on to the 11 lines that come in. One will become a tip line with another $300 for training and advertising. Mariel asked about the training for the tip line, as in how to deal with kids, etc. Barbara said that it would happen with that money. Officer Silva said that there is a ride-along sheet. A waiver needs to be signed. Advertising about the tip line in the paper was suggested. Officer Silva will check with Lt. Donovan about how to proceed. Melissa Minto will check with teens who would benefit from participating.

D. Juvenile Hearing Board – Barbara said that this will not happen until the budget is done.

V.    New Business

A. Officers – Andrea agreed to be the next Chair, with Melissa Mastrostefano   as Vice-Chair. Sue made a motion for these roles to change, and Barbara seconded it. The motion carried unanimously. Mariel volunteered to try doing the next minutes. Jessica suggested having the role of facilitator rotate, so others get a chance to try, even teens. The group agreed that this would be good.   

VI. Next Meeting – The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 14 at 6:00 at the Community Center. Pizza will be served.

VII. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 7:47 with a motion from Melissa Minto and a second from Mariel. The motion carried unanimously.