March 9, 2011 Meeting Minutes


Present: Laura Hosley, Mark Matoes, Stephanie Nocon, Bill Piva, Scott Sullivan, Debbie Tungett,

I.         Call to Order/Guests/ Introductions – The meeting was called to order at 6:08 by Steph.

II.        Minutes – Laura cannot locate her notes from the last meeting. Hopefully she will find them and put the minutes together.

III.      Treasurer’s Report – Laura discussed the Student Assistance bill and sorting out the Coordinator’s position. No decision was made on whether to change the current structure.

IV.      Old Business

a.        Student Assistance – Steph reported that the 8th grade Project Northland is in progress and is going very well. They have been doing presentations on various drugs; Steph felt that they went above and beyond on their projects. They have started the 7th grade Project Northland and the 6th grade starts next month. Steph has run 12 groups already this school year. The Ice Cream Social for incoming freshmen will be on May 20 with Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse participating. Dan Converse will be at the high school on May 2 at 6 p.m. for 7th through 12th graders. He was such a success in Jamestown, that it was decided to bring him to the high school.

b.       Teen Center – Deb reported that the Teen Center has had over 300 different kids so far this year. They almost have the money for the new mini-bus. Deb will be applying for a Champlin Grant. AMPT is having a dance next Friday but still needs snacks and chaperones. The will be participating in a Cancer Awareness project but aren’t sure if they will do their own or join someone else’s. They will be joining the Newport County AfterSchool program in a Spring Carnival, which will be held on March 25. Laura also talked about the possible policy changes at the high school. Scott volunteered to be on the Policy Committee.

c.        Friends of Jamestown Youth – Their goal is to raise $10K in one year to support a speaker series.

d.       Juvenile Hearing Board – Bill and Mark are both on the board and feel that it is going very well. Laura gave them a resource, which operates through the RI Injury Board and features an educational component as well as a three hour experience at the RI Hospital emergency room.

e.       Fund-raising – The Coalition will participate along with the Friends of the Jamestown Youth.

f.         Marketing – This was deferred.

g.        Municipal Court – Mark talked about how it works in Newport. They made $98,000 two years  ago on fines from the St. Patrick’s Day parade and not much less last year. Scott and Bill talked about how useful it would be. The town ordinances should be revised; a committee would need to be formed to go over all of them and make recommendations. Mike White had volunteered to pursue this issue so we can hear back from him (hopefully) at the next Coalition meeting.

V.       New Business

a.        Policies/Ordinances – The group discussed this under Municipal Court.

b.       Spheres of Influence – Laura suggested this wait until another meeting.

c.        Upcoming Events/Trainings – The Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws Conference on March 15 will be attended by four Jamestown Police Officers and Laura. There is an upcoming training on Ethics and Confidentiality in Woonsocket on Friday, April 8 from 9:15 to 12:45.

d.       Meeting Schedule/Guests – Laura could not come up with a date that would work for everyone so she will have to get back to people on the April meeting.

e.       Other – Nothing else was discussed.

VI.      Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 7:37.