February 13, 2008 Minutes 

Present: Jessica Bucklin, Samantha Bucklin, Sue Earley, Eleanor Hanson, Laura Hosley, Melissa Minto, Stephanie Nocon, Andrea vonHohenleiten, Eric vonHohenleiten.

Guest: Santi Meunier

I.                       Welcome/Introductions – The meeting began at 5:55.

II.                    Minutes –Samantha made a motion to approve the minutes; Andrea seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

III.                  Treasurer’s Report – Laura presented the report and explained the budget.

IV.                 Old Business

A.     Student Assistance – Steph has started Project Northland in grades 7 & 8. She will be starting grade 6 soon. The Teen Institute kids were picked and will be announced soon. They need team-building; Sue may be able to get a trainer for them. There will be a dance March 8.

B.     Teen Center – Melissa announced that the Bank of Newport has picked the Teen Center to be their community organization to help out this year. Also, the Newport County Fund of the RI Foundation is going to continue their funding of $50,000 each year for the next two years. The Teen Coordinator and Student Assistance Counselor positions should both be included in the grant. Melissa also told the group that $3,500 has been raised through the Tiles for Teens project.

V.    Guest/Funding Request – Santi Meunier is an author, speaker and psychologist. She has reserved a room at the library for March 25, when she is willing to do a presentation on addiction. She was suggested that kids who are worried about their use or their friends might attend. Santi stated that 25% of children are affected by alcoholics in their families, 45% of all teenagers use substances, and 65% of teenagers binge drink (5 drinks or more in a row quickly). She explained how kids are self-medicating and that the average age for a boy to start is 11. Santi will work with Steph to decide when it would be best to have her speak to youth and where. The group was in favor of funding this presentation.

VI. Next Meeting – The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 12 at 5:45 at the Community Center. Pizza will be served.

VII. Adjournment