February 9, 2011 Minutes


Present: Samantha Bucklin, Aryan Burns, Gary Cournoyer, Sue Earley, Laura Hosley, Melissa Mastrostefano, Deb Tungett, Mike White


I.                   Call to Order/Guests/Introductions – Deb called the meeting to order at 6:21.

II.                Minutes –Deb made a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting, which Aryan seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

III.             Treasurer’s Report – The budget is just about all Student Assistance.

IV.             Old Business

A.    Student Assistance – Stephanie has reached120 students through individual meeting, groups, and Project Northland. Some of the groups have been for “newcomers” and for girls’ social skills. The eighth grade Project Northland has been completed. Grades 6 and 7 will start after vacation. 80 students participated in “Dodge the Holiday Blues”, the dodgeball competition, with even more there as spectators. They raised $200 for the 8th grade class trip. Stephanie was also promoting Children of Alcoholics (COA) week. Dan Converse came in to speak to 8th graders and their parents on January 24 for a “dinner conversation”. He said to the parents “you don’t know what your kids are doing 24/7 (all of the time); get your heads out of the sand”! Kids wrote letters to him afterward. All but 3 eighth graders attended, and those three had good excuses.

B.     Teen Center – Deb reported that they are doing a film project with the Historical Society. It begins on 3/31; they will learn filmmaking techniques and showcase what they have made. There were sixty kids at the lock-in who stayed until midnight and 75 in all. There were enough chaperones. There have been weekly trips but uneven attendance. There will be a pasta dinner in March to raise funds for the van. AMPT evaluated the lock-in and will be doing a “Relay for Life” cancer fundraiser. Next week is the mural project.

C.     Friends of Jamestown Youth – They haven’t met so there was nothing to report.

D.    Juvenile Hearing Board – Sue said that it has been an outstanding success and changes have been seen in the kids. They have seen a variety of cases; the families seen appreciative. Sue commented that she is glad that the outlet is there. There will be two meetings in March due to the increased activity. She said that Lt. Angela Deneault has been amazing; she has taken on an active role.

E.     Fund-raising – The coalition should look at the fund-raising list that was generated by the Friends of the Jamestown Youth.

F.      Marketing – This item was not discussed.

G.    Municipal Court – The group talked about the Penguin Plunge. It was suggested that Bruce Keiser ask for the police department to suggest what would bring the event back into control. Melissa brought up the Conservation Committee. Mike will find out if Bruce is responding to the incident. When the permit comes up next year, certain restrictions can be added in order to have it approved. The police can be asked for the best way to handle the crowd, visible public drinking and the trampling of the grass. Melissa suggested adding something like hot chocolate and cider. Perhaps there could be donations from Allie’s or Dunkin Donuts as well as a message in front of the tablecloth on the table. Laura will contact Special Olympics to let them know about the growing discontent in the community. Other discussion about the municipal court included an indication that Bruce Keiser was looking into other communities and how their municipal courts are working out. The issue needs to be weighed, including the perception of Jamestown as a “friendly” town.

V.                New Business

A.    Policies and Ordinances – Mike talked about how sometimes raising awareness is good enough, such as how Numi Mitchell is about the coyotes. Possibly posting signs about alcohol use in public spaces would help.

B.     Spheres of Influence – Which sectors in the community were represented through the coalition was discussed. We have youth, school, media, parent, police and town government. We could use representation from business, religious, medical, civic, state, and other substance abuse providers. As far as the outreach to the churches, Melissa offered to touch base and offer a partnership.

C.     Upcoming Events/Trainings – National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is on April 30 from 10 – 2. The Pasta Dinner is on March 3.

D.    Meeting Schedule – The next coalition meeting will be on March 9 at 6 p.m. in the Teen Center.

VI.             Adjournment – Sam made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which Deb    

             seconded. It passed unanimously.