January 16, 2008


Present: Jessica Bucklin, Angela Laura Hosley, Mariel Mastrostefano, Melissa Mastrostefano, Stephanie Nocon.


Guests:  Garrett Bucklin, Rebecca Heavey, Bruce Long.


I.                   Welcome & Introductions – Introductions were done. The group talked about the Caritas presentation to the school in Providence and substance abuse in general. Melissa called the meeting to order at 6:18.

II.                Minutes – Bruce asked to change the words from “can’t” to
“aren’t” enforced, regarding laws, in the last minutes. Mariel made a motion to accept the minutes.  Brianne seconded the motion; the motion passed unanimously.

III.             Treasurer’s Report – Laura presented the treasurer’s report. Jessica made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, which Mariel seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

IV.             Old Business            

A.    Student Assistance – Steph reported that she has seen almost 80 students this year. Over 80 students participated in the dodgeball tournament, with about 20 students and 20 parents watching. She said that it was very time-consuming to plan but went very well. Steph met with P.E. teacher, Mr. Bush, to talk about Project Northland. She will be doing sixth grade by herself but 7th and 8th with Mr. Bush. She will find out how many comic books she needs to order. She expects to see more sixth graders because of this.

B.     Teen Center – The Grand Opening is February 15. It is a Carnivale Night. There will be a Velcro Wall. There are planning meetings the next three Monday nights. They will need help setting up and making decorations. S.A.D.D. will meet Fridays once the Teen Center has opened. There will a schedule made after the Grand Opening.

C.     Juvenile Hearing Board (JHB) – Laura and Barbara need to get together to talk about it.

D.    Legislative and Policy Initiatives – Laura, Bruce and Lori Verderosa, Task Force Coordinator from Middletown, met with representatives from the Department of Health. Two bills have already been introduced: banning alcohol billboards and putting cigars behind the counter. One, banning energy drinks from schools, is still in the works. A definition for the energy drinks is something Bruce is trying to come up with. Bruce also met with a representative from the American Cancer Society. Laura and Bruce will bring this issue in front of the Jamestown School Committee tomorrow night. He expressed that if he can’t convince the school committees to make this decision, it will be hard to expect a state law to pass.

V.                New Business

A.    Funding Requests – John Reis was asking for money for the bullying program. It was noted that there wasn’t a lot of consistency in the delivery of the program. Some of this work seems to be able to be done inside the school by existing staff. There was no motion on the issue.

B.     Computer – Laura suggested that the money which Bruce was going to allocate to the computer go to the Student Assistance Program instead. He will talk to Bill Piva. She may get a used one from her friend instead.

C.     Upcoming Trainings – Laura had some Harvard Medical School flyers. Sue Earley asked what people wanted to get from trainings. Mariel likes psychology, Jess suggested prescription and over the counter drugs, Brianne suggested that a list could be given and an introduction would help people decide what else they wanted to know.

D.    Narragansett SADD – Brianne let us know that a big screen movie will be at the High School for people who might get depressed on Valentine’s Day.

E.     Next Task Force meeting – The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 13 at 5:45. Laura will get the pizza, as usual.

VI. Adjournment – Brianne made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Mariel seconded it. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting ended at 7:13.