Jamestown Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force Minutes 1/14/09


Present: Jessica Bucklin, Samantha Bucklin, Angela Deneault, Sue Earley, Laura Hosley, Bruce Long, James Mastrostefano, Mariel Mastrostefano, Melissa Mastrostefano, Stephanie Nocon, Jack Romano, Barbara Szepatowski, and Deb Tungett.


I. Call to Order/ Introductions – The meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m.


II. Guests – None.


III. Minutes – Laura can send out the minutes to active members in advance of the meeting in the future. There was a discussion on what Jamestown's school policy is regarding energy drinks (high caffeine stimulant drinks).  Several Task Force members had appeared in front of the School Committee in 2006 requesting the implementation of a prohibition policy on all energy drinks on school property.  No action was taken at that time.  A question arose as to whether any changes have taken place since.  Barbara made a motion to accept the minutes as written, which Mariel seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


IV. Treasurer’s Report – Laura presented the Treasurer’s Report. She said that the bill for Student Assistance still has not been paid and will check on that. Barbara made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as written; Angela seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.


V. Old Business

A. Student Assistance – Project Northland is being taught by Stephanie in the       sixth grade now. The seventh grade will get it in the fourth quarter; the eighth grade will get it in the third quarter. Steph has done seventh and eighth grade presentations. She started meeting with fifth grade girls and has a seventh and eighth grade girls’ group. She is also doing scrap-booking at the Teen Center. Jack is helping with the resource guide. Youth Crime Watch has started; the kids want a bully box (where they can post anonymous notes). The Task Force members expressed their beliefs that student assistance is in the continuum of support for our youth in Jamestown.  Laura will send a letter in to the School Committee and Superintendent incorporating the suggestions given by the group and Steph’s graph on the various helping professionals in the school and their roles. Melissa will write one on the education piece. Deb will write one on the Teen Center needing the support. She suggested having a petition at the pasta dinner. Barbara will talk to Julia Held.

B. Teen Center – They had their first Ladies Night with eight girl participants. Fellows Night       starts on Tuesday. They are going to Boston. The pasta dinner is on February 3. Freddie’s is donating the food. The funding would be: $104.00 for the ads; $200.00 for the speaker; and $100.00 for the beverages and paper goods (which Barbara said that she would donate). Andrea will find out how much has been raised at Slice of Heaven. The group talked about Ray Davis doing the presentation that night. Also discussed was having a one year anniversary party on Saturday, February 28. The Invisible Children group had a dance which 95 kids attended. The amount raised was $381.00 (great job)!

            C. Underage Drinking – The Juvenile Hearing Board issue will go before the          Town Council on January 20. Angela will find out about the policies that were             submitted to Chief Tighe. Melissa said that she and Dylan Alessandro are working on a video clip that could go to North Kingstown High School parents.    Andrea talked about the sixteen page insert that was in the Newport Daily News    on underage drinking. She will give it to Laura. Bruce said that he would email it        to Laura who will send it to members. Laura will ask Ray about the cost of it.

            D. Tobacco Grant – Laura needs to have a meeting with Kathy Almanzor. She       read Bruce’s letter to X-tra Mart on the cigars in front of the counter. It was hand-   delivered and mailed. Barbara said that their Sunday selling license come up at        the next Town Council meeting. A picture of the cigars with candy can be taken    by Andrea.

            E. Task Force Future - Laura talked about the state logic model on underage          drinking.


VI. New Business

            A. Funding Requests – None.

            B. Upcoming Events/ Trainings – Pasta Dinner at the Teen Center on February 3.

            C. Meeting Schedule/ Guests – The next meeting will be on February 11.

            D. Other - Melissa talked about the Time Bank RI initiative. People can donate      time and others can get it back. The RI Parent Support Network is supporting it. It      would be possible to have a presentation at the library about it. Melissa will look       into having it there. Angela talked about the Penguin Plunge. She and Derek took             the details and walked the beach with their ticket books. They found out that        Jamestown has an ordinance with no penalty attached. Angela will give us the             wording that she would like to see on one.


VII. Adjournment – Samantha made a motion to adjourn the meeting, which Jack seconded. It passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 7:48 p.m.