Parents Promise

As a "Homes" Parent I promise to:

1. Not knowingly allow parties or gatherings in my home when I am not there.
2. Not to serve or allow school-aged guests to consume cigarettes, alcohol or illegal drugs in my home or on my property.

3. Call the person(s) in charge of any school-age activity to make sure there will be adult supervision throughout and that no tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs will be served or bought by school-aged guests.
4. I also agree that if I should host an activity to provide visible adult supervision for the entire activity and to make it tobacco, alcohol and drug free. I will take calls from concerned parents in a supportive and helpful way.

5. I agree to be observant and willing to get involved. If I see a child at a gathering or party, either at my home or somewhere else, that I suspect to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, I will call the parent(s). I am willing to take and hold the car keys of any teen driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I will provide him or her with a safe ride home, if necessary.
6. If my child should ever call and ask for a ride home from an event because either he/she or a friend has been drinking or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, I agree to be non-judgemental and will come without question, at any time. Discussion of the circumstances and those involved can with until the next morning.

                      Signed ________________________________       Date_______________

                      Signed ________________________________       Date_______________