Art/Industrial Art and Robotics

8th Grade Language Art


The Jamestown School appreciates the outstanding efforts of the community to help provide the best possible quality of education for our children. And also the understanding that the school budget does not always provide for the tools that would be helpful in supplementing the teaching skills of our staff. Therefore, this web page will provide an arena in which teachers can post their "Wish Lists" for extra materials that would be helpful in the classrooms.

Art/Industrial Arts and Robotics
Stephanie Pamula ride4308@ride.ri.net
Item Notes
Lego Pieces Any size, shape, or kit.
AA Batteries  
The following items are available through the Pitsco LEGO dacta 2000 catalogue.www.pitsco-legodacta.com
Lego Building Kits
Amusement Park Set #979725
Motorized Simple Machine Set #979645
Team Challenge Set #979790
Robolab Cities and Transportation Sets #97973
RCX, Robotics Command System #979709
9V Moter w/gear reduction #D775225
Light Sensor #D779758