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Become a classroom tech parent.

Tech parents volunteer in their child’s class assisting with minor computer problems and general computer usage.

Attend a Tech Committee meeting.

The Tech Committee assists the school in determining and meeting goals in the area of computers and technology. Tech meetings are held twice a year and are announced via the Warrior and the local newspapers.

Do you have computer knowledge that could be tapped to train teachers?

We are always working towards continued tech education for our teachers so they may better serve your children. Let us know if you have skills that you’d like to share.

Look over the Wish List page on the schools website: http://www.jamestownri.com/school/wish/wishlist.htm

You may have something gathering dust at home that could be put to good use at the school.

Collect empty inkjet cartridges and used cell phones and donate them to the school.

The school collects empty cartridges and old cell phones that we turn in for points which can be redeemed for a variety of products. Currently we are hoping to use our points towards playground equipment for the Lawn School. Encourage your friends and businesses to join in as well. Cartridges may be dropped off at the office in either school or in the special recycling bin at the town library.

If you shop online please consider going through one of these sites:

Another way for the school to earn points towards equipment is through commissions earned by channeling sales through one of these front-pages which donate their commissions to the school. There is no extra cost to users of these sites. Clip out the addresses below or add them to your browser’s bookmarks so they are close at hand.




Please email


if you have questions or would like to offer your services.