Joint Meeting of the Melrose and Lawn School Improvement Teams

Lawn School Library

November 15, 2007

4 p.m.

  1. Members of the Lawn School Self-Study team took turns reading portions of the self-study report created during the visit days of November 1 and 2, 2007. After the report was read through, attendees were given an opportunity to ask questions. The six-day schedule was discussed, with Kathy Almanzor pointing out that the schedule seems to work better for grades seven and eight. The benefits of the six-day schedule to the upper grades were discussed, and one member wondered if it’s possible to keep the fifth and sixth grade on a five-day schedule. It was agreed that this should be considered.

  2. Sue Pratt asked if special education at Lawn should be added to the self-study team’s report, as the current report does not focus on special education. Other issues discussed included discipline issues at Lawn, and strategies for collaboration between Melrose and Lawn Schools.

  3. The Melrose Self-Study team members then took turns reading the Melrose report. After the report was read, comments included recognition that math instruction at different levels in the third and fourth grade helps both students and teachers, and that experiences with the new math curriculum have been largely positive.

  4. The need for differentiation and higher expectations for learning at both schools was discussed. Also discussed were the inclusion classrooms at Melrose School, specifically the delicate balance required in those classrooms and the methodology for choosing which students are assigned to which classrooms. It was mentioned that there are not a lot of options for where some students can be placed.