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"SCAN," issued by the Superintendentís Office in conjunction with the School Committee, is designed to inform staff members and interested others of matters discussed and actions taken by the Jamestown School Committee at its most recent meeting. SCAN does not represent meeting minutes.

Jamestown School Committee Work Session: March 11, 2004

Consent Agenda: The committee approved the appointment of Jane Littlefield to the human resource/payroll/accounting position at a salary of $36,400 with a10% health insurance co-pay. Ms. Kaiser explained that the committee discussed the addition of a co-pay in executive session. While this level position has not had a co-pay in the past, the committee felt that new hires should be required to share the burden of rising health insurance costs.

New Business: The committee approved the placement of a storage shed on the Melrose Avenue property.

Information and Proposals:

Betty Prairie, director of the NKSD Food Service, presented information about the school lunch program. Ms. Prairie described efforts to control fat and sugar content by using low-fat ingredients and making various offerings from scratch. The food service program is self-supporting. The U.S. government provides surplus foods and regulates portion sizes, fat content of lunches, etc. The rising cost of the lunch program is defrayed through sales of à la carte items: ice cream at Melrose and items such as bagels, chips, yogurt, chips and cookies at Lawn. Melrose Principal Kathy Almanzor and several parents questioned the need to offer ice cream every day at Melrose. The superintendent will schedule a follow-up meeting with Ms. Prairie to discuss this issue and à la carte choices at Lawn.

The next business meeting of the Jamestown School Committee will be on March 25. All meetings are held at 7 p.m. in the Melrose Multi-Purpose Room.