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"SCAN," issued by the Superintendentís Office in conjunction with the School Committee, is designed to inform staff members and interested others of matters discussed and actions taken by the Jamestown School Committee at its most recent meeting. SCAN does not represent meeting minutes.

Jamestown School Committee Meeting: December 11, 2003


Letters received:

ē The newsletter Healthy Schools, Healthy Kids and correspondence on changes in health regulations.

ē The minutes of the Sept. 9 and Oct. 14 SELAC meetings.

Consent Agenda: The committee approved the minutes of Nov. 6, 13 and 20 and Dec. 4; payment of bills; two after school enrichment program appointments: Janet Kraus (art club) and Holly Langton (dance); and a leave of absence request from Elizabeth Aho. The committee accepted Leanne Turenneís letter of intent to return from leave.

Unfinished Business

ē Budget 2004/2005 Discussion and Vote: Responding to an earlier suggestion by the committee, Superintendent Katherine Sipala proposed a salary range for the human resources position. She also recommended that the committee transfer $175,000 from the unreserved fund to lower the town contribution. By unanimous vote, the committee approved the 16-month budget of $13,738,275.

Information and Proposals:

Superintendentís Report: Mrs. Sipala recognized the Jamestown teamís contribution at the Autism Project of Rhode Islandís National Speaker Conference. The team presented a breakout session entitled "Inclusion Ö Whatís In It For Me?" Mrs. Sipala also reported on her participation in the School Transportation Study Group, which will deliver its recommendations to the legislature by the end of January. The group is discussing a variety of options, ranging from eliminating the busing requirement; to developing a statewide para-transit system in conjunction with RIPTA; to limiting required busing to district boundaries. The group will meet with a parallel group representing parochial and private schools; and then jointly with legislators.

Committee Reports:

Melrose School Improvement Team: SIT will meet on December 18.

Lawn School Improvement Team: Lawn SIT welcomed several new parents and community members. Work continued on the school improvement plan and the group drafted a school mission statement that is tied to the district mission statement. Lawn and Melrose SITs will meet together in January.

SELAC: RIPIN and SORICO presented on transitioning to adult life. The second annual Jamestown Education Awareness Day will be held on March 27. Senator Jack Reed is the scheduled keynote speaker.

Facilities Committee: No report.


North Kingstown: At its last meeting, the NK school committee heard a new proposal by high school students on the school colors. The committee is considering the addition of five new courses to high school offerings: two classes in the pre-engineering program, two history courses (Middle East; and Sub-Saharan Africa), and senior topics in mathematics.

RIASC: School committee chairs and superintendents met to review the recommendations generated at the Governorís Municipal Summit. The group identified three priorities: to use the State-local Relations Commission as a vehicle to generate action plans; to press for a fair and reliable state aid formula; and to review the feasibility and ramifications of a statewide healthcare insurance contract

The Jamestown School Committee will present the budget to the Jamestown Town Council on January 5 and 15. The next business meeting of the Jamestown School Committee will be on January 22.