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" SCAN ," issued by the Superintendent's Office in conjunction with the School Committee, is designed to inform staff members and interested others of matters discussed and actions taken by the Jamestown School Committee at its most recent meeting. SCAN does not represent meeting minutes.

Jamestown School Committee Business Meeting: March 3, 2005


Letters received :

From the Education Partnership, announcing a March 16 briefing on the Partnership's report on the role of teacher contracts in public education.

From the Commissioner of Education, stating that the governor's declaration of a state of emergency on January 24 does not alter the statutory requirement for 180 school days.

Consent Agenda : The committee approved the minutes of February 10 and accepted letters from Charlene Tuttle, Mary Jane Moynihan and Cara Fasy stating their intent to return from leave of absence. Teacher Lay Off Notices : The school committee regretfully gave its approval to the following non-renewals due to classroom closings, teachers returning from leave, and replacement by displaced, tenured teachers: Christine Bernardo and Mary Jane Moynihan (both displaced but allowed to bid on a position at the June job fair), Sara Sweetman, Michaela Shoemaker, Holly Langton, Patricia McDevitt, Erin Covell, Kristen DeSantis and Kelly Grennan. The positions of Anne Gorman, school psychologist, and Joseph Ucci, PE/Health, were reduced to .6 positions.

New Business

Approval of School Calendar 2005-2006 : The committee approved the school calendar by unanimous vote.

Old Business

Key Work of School Board Discussion Solutions for a Smaller Enrollment: Regionalization, Tuitioning, Purchased Services, Other? : Discussion focused on the benefits/drawbacks of regionalization versus shared services. While the regionalization of two or more districts can provide a greater breadth of programming and extracurricular opportunities, such arrangements can prove more costly, particularly for smaller communities. Factors to be weighed include member districts' teacher salary/benefit levels, class sizes and community support for schools. A second option is to regionalize management and support services, with two or more districts sharing areas such as administration, central office personnel, maintenance, transportation, and support services in special education. The committee also considered services that could be shared with the town and looked at two possible scenarios for sharing a facility: a combined school/town library and a combined school/town hall. Other strategies discussed included the rental of space to educationally oriented businesses/programs and the tuitioning in of students for general education or special services. As a next step, the committee will ask the Southern Rhode Island Collaborative (SORICO) to host a joint meeting of southern Rhode Island school districts to discuss opportunities to share management and support services. The superintendent will meet with the town administrator to discuss shared services and/or facilities.

The next business meetings of the Jamestown School Committee will be on March 17. All meetings are held at 7 p.m. in the Melrose Multi-Purpose Room.