School Committee Action Notes

" SCAN ," issued by the Superintendent's Office in conjunction with the School Committee, is designed to inform

staff members and interested others of matters discussed and actions taken by the Jamestown School Committee

at its most recent meeting. SCAN does not represent meeting minutes.

Jamestown School Committee Meeting: October 21, 2004


• Jim Kaczynski, recognized for tenure (attained, but not noted, in March 2002) and honored as an excellent teacher, coach of Jamestown's Science Olympiad team and contributing writer for the Prentice hall Science Explorer text.

Consent Agenda : The committee approved the minutes of September 23, October 7 and October 15; payment of bills; the appointments of David Pritchard as girls' basketball coach, Robin Sweet as team support member at Lawn, Susan Haskell as team support member at Melrose and Maureen McGuirl as North Kingstown High School coordinator; and the maternity leave request of pre-school teacher Jeana Calise. The committee granted tenure to Sara Sweetman, Janet Kraus, Theresa Colantuono, Faith Krause, Christine Bernardo, Maureen McGuirl and Anne Gorman.

Old Business

Fourth Reading of Policy “Use of School Buildings by Non-School Based Organizations”: The committee approved this policy by unanimous vote.

New Business

Accretion of Bus Monitors into JESPA : Ms. Kaiser stated that the school committee values the service of the bus monitors. However, because of its reservations about accreting employees who work less than 20 hours/week, the school committee and school lawyer reviewed RI General Law 28-9.4-21 and related court rulings. Statute supports the monitors' right to unionize. The committee voted unanimously to approve the accretion.

School Committee Goals 2004-2005: The committee reviewed the status of its 2003-04 goals and introduced its new goals.

School Committee Goals 2004-2005

1. To provide to all students a rigorous academic program and to explore ways to heighten student challenge and remove performance "ceilings".

2. To investigate and implement the tenets of the "Healthy Kids" program.

3. To study regionalization and other approaches to addressing the impact of declining enrollment.

4. To evaluate the costs and benefits of offering pre-school to all Jamestown children ages three and four.

5. To continue to support the implementation of the district's public engagement plan supporting a school system of excellence through community partnership.

6. To implement the District Strategic Plan and support achievement of its goals.

7. To advocate for district interests locally, regionally, and at the state house.

8. To integrate the Key Work philosophy into school committee planning and decision-making.

Information and Proposals:

Superintendent's Report : Superintendent Kathy Sipala reported that the First Student bus drivers approved a contract last week. • She provided an update on the school's effort to recruit mentors for students. Response from the community has been disappointing. The 7 th grade team has suggested that high school students be recruited to serve as junior mentors. • Mrs. Sipala also shared the expanded list of afterschool activities. • She has confirmed with CATV that the reorganization of cable regions will not affect services and programming accessed by the school. She will check whether or not the change will affect Jamestown's reception of the NKHS pubic access channel.

Committee Reports:

Melrose School Improvement Team : SIT reviewed student writing and related standards. The group also discussed the possibility of a universal pre-school program. The two SITS will meet jointly in November.

Lawn School Improvement Team : SIT prioritized its 2004/2005 goals. On December 13, the group will attend a faculty meeting to discuss the school improvement plan.

SELAC : The group hosted a Basic Rights in Special Education workshop. Next month's meeting (November 9) will feature a workshop on the ABCs of IEPs.

Facilities Committee : The facilities committee is reorganizing and prioritizing the capital plan. Big ticket items such as the windows and Lawn entrance/parking will be deferred to allow the possibility of bonding. High priority projects include recapturing the stage at Lawn Avenue (currently being used as a keyboard classroom) and addressing the needs of the Lawn library.

North Kingstown : No NK school committee actions specific to the high school. Ms. Kaiser reported that the tuition contract subcommittees met on September 3 to discuss potential areas for consolidation of services. The two committees selected three areas to be explored: technology, professional development and curriculum development.

SORICO : SORICO amended its bylaws to increase the number of meetings per year to four. On October 17, SORICO hosted the first meeting of a discussion group open to school committee members statewide. Mrs. Kallfelz reported that the next meeting will be on January 9. She also shared information on a health care insurance trust involving several communities, ranging from Woonsocket to Newport.

Legislative : The school committee will invite legislators Bruce Long and Teresa Paiva Weed to attend the December work session to discuss the education agenda for the next legislative season.

Jamestown Education Foundation : Ms. Gooding reported the success of the October 16 Food, Fun and Follies fundraiser.

High School Review Committee : The review committee will provide its report to the school committee at the November 4 school committee meeting.

A next work session of the Jamestown School Committee will be held on November 4. The next business will be on November 18. All meetings are held at 7 p.m. in the Melrose Multi-Purpose Room.