A- Foundations and Basic Commitments G- Personnel
B- School Board Governance and Operations H- Negotiations
C- General School Administration I- Instructions
D- Fiscal Management J- Students
E- Support Services K- School-Community-Home-Relations
F- Facilities Planning and Development L- Education Agency Relations









A Statement of Non-Descrimination
Student Wellness and School Parties
Tobacco Free Schools Policy
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B Formulation of Policies
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Third Party Payment Policy
Substitute Teacher Policy
Funding Other Post Employment Benefits

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Safe Schools Policy

  Pesticide Policy
  Request for Unauthorized Transportation Changes
  School Bus No Idling Policy
  Security of Student Records
  Transportation Regulations
  Flagging Records Policy
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G Drug-Free workplace and Drug-Free Schools
  Middle School Teacher Requirements

Salary Verification Policy

  Policy on Educator Evaluations
  Examination of Personnel files
  Hiring Coaches Policy
  Personnel Hiring and Assignment Policy
  Code of Professional Responsibility
  Employee Illegal Harassment
  Family/Medical Leave
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Technology Acceptable Use Policy

  Student Overnight Use of Technology
  ELL Staffing Policy
  Summer School Policy
  Tutorial Instruction for Students with Special Needs
  Student Travel Policy
  Movie-Video Policy
  Selection of Materials in the Media Center
  Internet Acceptable Use
  Web Content
  School Volunteers BCI Policy
  Graded Work Policy
  Homework Policy

Home Instruction Policy

  Special Education Staffing
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J High School Registration
  High School Vouchers
  Family Vacation Policy

Eligibility for K and 1st Grade

  Residency Policy
  Elizabeth Stone Fund
  Denial or Withdrawal of High School Tuition
  Admission of Non-Resident Student
  Secondary School Registration for Tuition Eligibility
  Tuition for Grades not in Jamestown
  Criteria for Public High School Vouchers
  Smoking Policy
  Student Substance Abuse Policy
  Student Sexual Harassment
  Search and Seizure Policy
  Policy on School Sponsored Dances
  Suspension of High School Students
  Suspension Policy Jamestown
  Reporting of Communicable, Environmental and Occupational Diseases
  HIV-Aids Policy
  Medications Policy
  Policy on Bullying
  Bike Safety Policy
Physical Restraint/Crisis Intervention Policy
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K Parent-Family Involvement Policy
  Access to Public Records
  Grievance Procedure
  Policy on Use of School Facilities
  Policy on Distribution of Flyers, Announcements and Literature
  Advertising and Solicitations
  Visitors to School Policy
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