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Melrose Avenue School
September 5, 2002

Present: Catherine Kaiser, Chairperson

Barbara Davis

Mary Keen

Elizabeth Gooding

William Brennan

Present: Katherine Sipala, Superintendent

Elizabeth Pinto, DPS

Call to Order: Ms. Kaiser called the general meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Ms. Kaiser called the Roll Call. All Present

Public Forum: No one signed in.

Routine Items: No routine items.

Information & Proposals:

Superintendentís Report: Mrs. Sipala stated that Teacher Orientation and Professional Development sessions went very well. Mrs. Sipala stated that the Jamestown School Opening went smooth, easy and was safe.

The Superintendent presented the 2002-2003 enrollment numbers at 301 for Melrose and 264 at Lawn for a total enrollment of 565. There are 196 students at North Kingstown High School. There were 589 students at the end of the 2002. The first grade numbers went from 54 last year to 41 this year. There were 16 transfers and several families moved.

Discussion was held regarding the high school numbers and tuition costs. Mr. Brennan discussed gaining a "range of grace" from North Kingstown so that Jamestown can budget appropriately. Mrs. Sipala stated that discussion could be held with North Kingstown regarding this concern.

Ms. Pinto stated that the new playground fence is installed and that the children are enjoying the new equipment. There are fewer issues on the playground due to the equipment.

Mrs. Sipala reported on the Parking Committee. She stated that there are some things that are working and some that are not. Mrs. Sipala stated that all suggestions are welcomed. Discussion was held.

Ms. Pinto stated that the new plan is much safer. She also thanked all the teachers for their help and support.

Mrs. Sipala invited the School Committee to tour the schools on September 9th at 5 p.m. She stated that members of the Facilities Committee have also been invited. It was suggested that the Town Council members and Town Administrator be invited. Mrs. Sipala stated that she would extend the invitation.

Mrs. Sipala discussed Middle School Sports. She stated that Mr. Speck has taken on the job of Cross Country coach. There was no staff member interested in the position of Soccer Coach but a parent is willing to take on the job. Mrs. Sipala discussed the restraints of the School Policy when hiring a nonstaff person and the time constraints she is under. The School Committee authorized Mrs. Sipala to adapt as necessary the School Committee policy on hiring coachers.

Mrs. Sipala presented information on an upcoming Interlocal Trust presentation.

Mrs. Keen will represent the School Committee at this presentation.

Mrs. Sipala informed the School Committee about the Northeast Superintendent Leadership Council Data Driven Decision Making meeting on September 18th. Mr. Brennan will accompany Mrs. Sipala.

Discussion was held on plans for September 11th. Ms. Pinto stated that it was agreed that it would be low-keyed.

Unfinished Business:

  1. Key Work of School Boards Discussion: Ms. Kaiser presented articles on Key Work.
  2. Ms. Kaiser said that the Key Work Board highlights eight key action areas upon which successful boards focus their attention: vision, standards, assessment, accountability, resource alignment, climate, collaboration and continuous improvement. Ms. Kaiser stated the School Committee has already attended two meetings on Key Work held by SORICO. She stated that the Committee has already decided that their first area of focus should be vision. A lengthy discussion was held regarding the article on vision.

    Mrs. Gooding asked if discussion could be held regarding identifying the stakeholders in this plan. It was agreed that this would be discussed at the Work Session/Retreat on September 14th.

  3. Policy Manual Review Discussion: The School Committee agreed on the need to review and reorganize the policy manual. Discussion was held.

Mrs. Sipala stated she would prioritize the policies that require revision based on administrative need and input from the School Committee. Mrs. Sipala recommended that the policy revisions be written by a subcommittee comprised of representatives from the School Committee, the administration and if appropriate the Business Manager and School Attorney.

Adjourned: Mrs. Keen moved and Mrs. Gooding seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:22 P.M. So moved.





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