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Melrose Avenue School
August 15, 2002

Present: Catherine Kaiser, Chairperson

Barbara Davis

Mary Keen

Elizabeth Gooding

William Brennan

Present: Katherine Sipala, Superintendent

Elizabeth Pinto, DPS

Call to Order: Ms. Kaiser called the general meeting to order at 7:01p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Ms. Kaiser called the Roll Call. All Present

Recognition: Ms. Pinto recognized Sandra Hanson for completing the Wilson Training Program.
Mrs. Sipala added her congratulations to Mrs. Hanson
Ms. Kaiser recognized all those involved in the community effort to install the new playground.

Public Forum: No one signed in.


Announcements and Correspondence: Mrs. Gooding stated that Jespa has responded to the School Committee regarding contract negotiations. Mrs. Sipala stated that she was contacted by Jane Argentieri on Jespaís behalf.

Ms. Kaiser received a notice of the Governorís Debate to be held on August 22, 2002 and sponsored by RIAS. She stated that a workshop would also be held at that time.

Mrs. Sipala provided information on Kindergarten eligibility for the 2004 school year. She stated that the Jamestown School Committee Policy would have to be adjusted to align with this mandate.

Discussion was held.

Mrs. Sipala reported on budgets cuts by the State. Due to the cuts, the 5th grade Health Assessment will be cut. Mrs. Sipala stated for the record that she supports a strong health curriculum.

Mrs. Sipala reported on Charter School Aid. Discussion was held.

Consent Agenda: Mr. Brennan moved to accept lines A and B of the Consent Agenda. Mrs. Keen seconded. A vote was taken. So moved.

Mr. Brennan asked Mrs. Sipala if the Home Schooling request met all requirements. Mrs. Sipala assured the School Committee that it did. Discussion was held.

Mr. Brennan moved and Mrs. Gooding seconded to accept the request for Home Schooling. A vote was taken. So moved.

Unfinished Business:

Discussion of Format Proceedings of Regular School Committee Meeting: Ms. Kaiser presented a chart showing the proposed School Committee format for the two meetings per month. Ms. Kaiser summarized these formats for the audience.

Ms. Kaiser stated that the School Committee is now allowed to amend an agenda within 48 hours of the set meeting.

Discussion was held.

Ms. Kaiser stated that this would cause an increase in cost for advertising and for the clerk salary.

Mrs. Sipala asked for a better recording device to use during the meetings. Discussion was held.

Mrs. Gooding moved and Mrs. Keen second to accept the Agenda Format as presented. Discussion was held. A vote was taken. So moved.

New Business:

Goals and objectives 2002-2003 and School Committee Retreat: Ms. Kaiser stated that RIASC has a room available for them to use for the retreat. She suggested the dates of Saturday, September 14th and Saturday, September 21st as possible dates for the retreat. Discussion was held.

Ms. Kaiser stated that the format of the retreat would be and open discussion covering policies, goals and objectives for the 2002-03 year. Discussion was held.

Information & Proposals:

Superintendentís Report: Enrollment /Budget: Mrs. Sipala passed along the approximate enrollment numbers for the 2002-03 school year. She stated that there has been a significant increase in the high school enrollment. Discussion was held.

Mrs. Sipala stated that she would have the final enrollment numbers for the October School Committee meeting.

Mrs. Sipala presented the Jamestown Town Audit figures to the School Committee. Discussion was held. Mr. Brennan asked that this item be put on the agenda for next month.

Mrs. Sipala informed the School Committee that the Teacher Orientation and Professional Development dates had been switched.

Committee Reports:

SIT Committee: No Report

SELAC: No Report

North Kingstown School Committee: No Report

Facilities Committee: Mrs. Sipala reported on the progress of the Lawn Avenue School. She stated that the roof was done and the chimney repointed and capped. New carpeting has been installed in several rooms, 10 rooms have been repainted and the ceiling tiles have been replaced in the hallways, cafeteria and any that have been stained.

Mr. Kitts summarized the final stages and stated that both schools will reopen without any trouble.

Discussion was held.

Mrs. Sipala invited the School Committee and Facilities Committee to tour the school. The date of Tuesday, September 3rd at 5 P.M. was agreed upon.

Mrs. Gooding thanked Mr. Kitts and his crew for their efforts.

Mr. Brennan discussed the situation with the pine trees that are dying. Mr. Kitts reported on the state of this project. Mr. Kitts will be meeting with the Tree Service on Tuesday, August 23rd.

Mrs. Sipala will contact the School Committee with the price of the removal of the trees.

Ms. Pinto thanked Mr. Kitts and his staff for all their support during the summer school sessions.

Mrs. Davis asked to recognize the Maintenance Staff at the next School Committee meeting.

Mrs. Keen reported that the Inter Local Trust would be meeting on September 17, 18, 19, and 20 regarding Health/Care benefits.

Mrs. Perry thanked Ms. Pinto for meeting with the Jespa Board.

Mrs. Barbara Davis welcomed Mrs. Sipala to her first School Committee meeting as the new Superintendent.

Adjourned: Mrs. Keen moved and Mrs. Gooding seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 P.M. So moved.




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