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Melrose Avenue School
March 27, 2003

Present: Catherine Kaiser, Chairperson

Barbara Davis

Mary Keen

Elizabeth Gooding

William Brennan

Present: Katherine Sipala, Superintendent

Elizabeth Pinto, Director of Pupil Services

Maria Alfred, Business Manager

Ken Littman, Town Council Liaison

Call to Order: Ms. Kaiser called the general meeting to order at 7:18 pm. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ms. Kaiser called the Roll Call. All Present.

Open Forum: No one signed in.

Recognition: Ms. Pinto recognized the members of the K-3 Team and their accomplishments with their Autism program. She stated that a letter of recognition had been received by Sue Constable, the RI Autism Spectrum Disorders Coordinator.

The members of the K-3 Team gave their thanks to all who supported them.

Mrs. Gooding read a letter from Mrs. Karen Rafanelli praising this program.

Mr. Perrotti, a parent of an autistic student in the class, spoke regarding his son’s accomplishments since he became a student here.

Routine Items

Correspondence: Mrs. Sipala presented a letter she sent to the faculty and staff regarding the Fire Inspection Report and Emergency Procedures. She explained what was being done in this regard.

Mrs. Sipala stated that she would be meeting with the Civil Defense Manager, Chief of Police and Town Administrator next week to discuss procedures in the event of chemical warfare.

Mrs. Sipala presented the School Committee with the Governor’s letter on state aid.

Discussion was held.

Ms. Kaiser received a letter from State Senator Paul Fogarty regarding a bill he is presenting that will increase school aid by 5%.



Consent Agenda: Mr. Brennan asked to exclude the February 28th bills from the Agenda

Ms. Kaiser asked to exclude the minutes from the February 27th meeting.

Mr. Brennan moved and Mrs. Keen seconded to accept the minutes from February 6th and March 13th; the bills from February 24th and March 21st; the request for leave of absence for Joan Spahr; the request to return from leave from Mary Jane Moynihan; the appointment of Mr. Joe Ucci as Baseball Coach; and the appointment of Mrs. Anne Gorman for the after school tutorial program.

So moved.

Ms. Kaiser stated that a correction needed to be made in the minutes regarding the Democratic and Republican Party names. Ms. Davis asked to make a correction in the spelling of SELAC.

Mr. Brennan asked for clarification on the February 28th bill list.

Mrs. Gooding moved and Ms. Davis seconded to approve the minutes of February 27th with corrections made `and the bills from February 28th. So moved.


Unfinished Business

Discussion and action on RI Foundation Grant "Keywork of School Boards": Mrs. Sipala discussed the RI Foundation Grant for Keyworks. Discussion was held.

Mr. Brennan made a motion to authorize Superintendent Sipala to go into a contract with SORICO on the basis of a per student or a per School Committee member cost not to exceed $485. Mrs. Gooding seconded. So moved.

New Business

School Calendar 2003 – 2004: Mrs. Sipala presented the School Committee with copies of the RIASA recommended school calendar for 2003-04, the present Jamestown school calendar for 2002-03 and the draft calendar for Jamestown for the 2003-04 year. Discussion was held.

Mrs. Sipala asked that this school calendar be voted on at the next School Committee meeting.

Information & Proposals

Superintendent’s Report: Mrs. Sipala informed the School Committee that the GEMSNET grant ends June 30th. She stated that we need to commit to a 3-year agreement. Mrs. Sipala stated that she would sign a memorandum to agree to this commitment with the School Committee’s approval. So agreed.

Mrs. Sipala stated that there is a conflict with next month’s meeting on the 24th of April. That is the date the Lawn Avenue Theater group will be performing GUYS and DOLLS.

It was agreed to forgo this meeting and meet again on May 1st.

Mrs. Sipala spoke briefly on School Report Night. She stated that it was well received.

Mrs. Gooding stated that she would write letters of commendation to all who participated.

Committee Reports:

SIT/Melrose: Mrs. Gooding stated discussion included the School Website, the Educational Awareness Day to be held Saturday, March 30th, from 8:30 to 12:30 and the draft for the School Improvement Plan.

SIT/Lawn: Mrs. Sipala stated that discussion included the separation of the schools, grants and their importance, Assessments, fire safety and evacuation procedures.

SELAC: Ms. Davis stated that the SELAC has been busy working on the Educational Awareness Day. She encouraged everyone to attend and thanked everyone for their help and support.

Facilities Committee: Mr. Brennan stated that the Committee met last week and addressed the 5 year Capital Improvement Plan. He stated a long discussion was held on the Fire Safety Inspection issues. Also discussed was how to start proceeding with the brickwork at the Lawn School. Mr. Brennan stated that the Tree Warden is ready to start taking down the dead trees around the school property.

NKHS: Ms. Kaiser stated there was a long discussion on Block Scheduling. Ms. Kaiser explained this program to the School Committee and audience.


Adjourned: Mrs. Gooding moved and Mrs. Keen seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 P.M.

So moved.





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