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Melrose Avenue School
January 23, 2003

Present: Catherine Kaiser, Chairperson

Barbara Davis

Mary Keen

Elizabeth Gooding

William Brennan

Present: Katherine Sipala, Superintendent

Elizabeth Pinto,

Maria Alfred, Business Manager

Call to Order: Ms. Kaiser called the general meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ms. Kaiser called the Roll Call. All Present.


Public Forum: No one signed in.


Recognition: Ms. Pinto recognized Terry Kahn, our Speech/Language Therapist, for her continuing recognition by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Routine Items:

Correspondence: Mrs. Sipala received a letter from SELAC commending Mrs. Janet Krause, Melrose Art Teacher, for her design work for the cover of the SELAC information packet.

Mrs. Sipala also presented the School Committee with the North Kingstown High Schoolís Principalís and Honor Rolls.

Mrs. Sipala read a letter from the Middletown Superintendent stating their interest in Jamestown students attending their high school

Mrs. Sipala also received a letter from the Superintendent of Narragansett informing her that they are very interested in accepting Jamestown Students to their high school.

Mrs. Sipala presented the School Committee with invitations to the Spelling Bee to be held on Wednesday, January 29th.

Information was given to the School Committee, by Mrs. Sipala, regarding the Law Conference that Ms. Pinto will be attending this spring.

Mrs. Keen received a brochure titled "Island Arts" regarding after school programs for children. Mrs. Sipala took it to distribute to classrooms.


Consent Agenda: Mrs. Keen moved and Mr. Brennan seconded to accept the minutes of December 19, 2002, January 8, 2003 January 9, 2003 and January 16, 2003 and the bills for January 6, 2003 and January 15, 2003 as presented. A vote was taken. Unanimous.

Unfinished Business:

Discussion was held regarding the changes made in the policies being presented.

Mr. Brennan questioned the use of the word "monitor" in the Internet Acceptable Use Policy. It was agreed to remove the word. Also the word "is" should be replaced by "are" in the first sentence under "Limitations". Agreed.

Third Reading of Technology Acceptable Use Policy: Mr. Brennan moved to accept the Technology Acceptable Use Policy. Mrs. Gooding seconded. Vote taken. Unanimous

Third Reading of Internet Acceptable Use Policy: Mr. Brennan moved to accept the Internet Acceptable Use Policy with the amendments. Mrs. Gooding seconded. Vote taken. Unanimous

Third Reading of Web Content Policy: Mr. Brennan moved and Mrs. Gooding seconded to accept the Web Content Policy as presented. So moved

Third Reading of Student Permission Form: The Student Permission Form was presented to the School Committee.

Jamestown Staff Acceptance of Technology Use and Internet Access Policies form: Ms. Davis read this form to the School Committee. Discussion was held.

Discussion and Vote of Budget 2003/2004: Mrs. Sipala stated that at the January 16th budget presentation to the Town Council, the School Committee was asked to cut $25,000 to $50,000 from the proposed School Budget for 2003-04.

Mrs. Sipala, along with Mrs. Alfred and Mr. Kitts were able to come up with the following cuts:

$8,700 from the District Professional Development line.

$6,548.50 by decreasing the custodial substitute allotment and by cutting the new part-time custodial position to 40 weeks.

$6,670.52 by reducing the hours allotted to bus monitors.

$1,011.26 decreases in FICA.

$6,000 by removing the consultant fee for the new brick façade.

$1,200 due to no longer needing a water fountain.

This makes the total cuts to the budget $30,130.28. Discussion was held.

Mr. Brennan requested leaving monies in for the consultant fee and removing monies from the outside lighting line. Discussion was held.

Mrs. Alfred stated that the final 2003-04-budget figure is $9,177,451.

Mrs. Keen moved to approve the 2003-04 School Budget in the amount of $9,177,451. Mrs. Gooding seconded. A vote was taken. Unanimous.




New Business:

Status of Town Charter: Ms. Kaiser spoke regarding the status of the Town Charter. She stated that none of the changes apply to the School Committee except the number of years a committee member may serve. She stated that by state law a School Committee serves 4 years.

Information & Proposals:

Superintendentís Report: Superintendentís Goals 2002-03: Mrs. Sipala presented her 2002-03 School Goals, District Goals and Personal/Professional Goals to the School Committee.

Ms. Davis read the goals to the School Committee and audience. Discussion was held.

Committee Reports:

SIT: Ms Kaiser reported on the Lawn Avenue SIT. She stated that they discussed the Honor Roll and Order of Exemplars. She stated that they hope to have an student work Showcase in the future. Ms. Kaiser informed the Committee that SELAC Educational Awareness day was discussed. Another area of discussion was the differentiation of the two schools.

Mrs. Gooding informed the Committee that the SIT Website is being updated. She also stated that they heard from the Assessment subcommittee. Mrs. Gooding said discussion was held on the development of Common Writing Prompts. She stated that K-3 were done. Also discussed were the parking issue and the School Improvement Plan.

SELAC: Ms. Davis stated that discussion was held on "No Child Left Behind". Ms. Davis informed the Committee that the Parent Information Packet was well on the way to completion. Ms. Davis also commended Mrs. Kraus for her cover design. SELAC is working toward a Professional Development Day for 8th grade students transitioning to high school. The Jamestown Educational Awareness Day is set for March 29th and pre-registration will be required. Ms. Davis stated that the "Can We Talk" program held at Melrose will be offered for the parents of Lawn students.

Ms. Pinto stated that the RI Director of Special Education agreed to be a speaker the Educational Awareness Day.

Facilities Committee: No meeting.


N.K. School Committee: Ms. Kaiser stated that the last meeting was the 1st meeting of the new School Committee with the Town Council. Ms. Kaiser sensed a "rough road ahead" for the Committee regarding budget.

The North Kingstown Program of Studies was approved. They have added the requirement of 2 more credits for graduation.

Mrs. Sipala reminded the School Committee that the planned January 28th meeting with the N.K School Committee subcommittee has been postponed.

Ms. Kaiser gave a brief overview of the Charter School meeting held on January 21st. She stated that it was a big success. Discussion was held.

Mrs. Sipala stated that the next School Committee will be held on February 6th. She also reminded the School Committee that the Town Council will be meeting to vote on the final budget on January 27th at 7 p.m. at the Town Library.


Adjourned: Mrs. Keen moved and Mrs. Gooding seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 P.M.

So moved.





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