SIT Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Melrose School Conference Room




I.                    Attendance and introduction

Please see attached sheet for list of attendees


II.                 Meeting Dates

The October meeting will be held on October 16 at 3:15 p.m.  All subsequent meetings will be held on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

There was discussion regarding having a joint meeting with the Lawn SIT.  One potential topic of discussion was how SSR is conducted at Lawn.


III.               Old Business


A.    Mission Statement

The mission statement will stay the same.  If anyone would like to propose suggestions for altering the professional development guiding principle or adding a new guiding principal regarding community involvement, please forward suggestions to Marilyn Hostetler.


B.      Self Selected Reading


1.                  Programs used in each grade

Representatives from each grade discussed how SSR is conducted in their grade.


a.       Preschool – students select from a basket of books on the current topic being discussed.  Time allotted is 8-10 minutes.

b.      Kindergarten – students can pick any book in the classroom.  This usually occurs after Writer’s Workshop.  Midyear students begin to get books to take home.

c.       1st Grade –All children have book baskets and an open space to read.  Reading conferences are conducted with 3-4 children.  Reading groups consist of students at different reading levels.  During conferences, children read pages (literacy) from books and discuss what they have read (comprehension).

d.      2nd Grade- All children have conferences.  Conferencing occurs with groups of children.  There is a Reader’s chair where students can read out loud to the class.  Guided reading is conducted in groups while other students are doing self-selected reading.  SSR is conducted for 30 minutes per day.

e.       3rd Grade – There is a library in the back of the room where students can select books.   Conferencing is used to ensure fluency and comprehension.  SSR is conducted for 30-40 minutes per day.

f.        4th Grade – Most students are independent readers.  Students keep a reading log.  Each student must read 25 books/year.  Each month a different genre (i.e. mystery) of book is chosen and students must write a book report on the book.  Students are beginning to analyze writing styles in books.  There is a reader’s chair where students can share out examples of good writing.  Students have conferences in a “fish bowl” where other students can watch and listen to a small group of students discussing a book.

2.                  Observable characteristics

Carrie Melucci observed that there is consistency in the way that SSR is being implemented for Preschool through grade 4.


3.                  Future: maintain, change or both     

There was a proposal to conduct a joint SIT meeting with the Lawn SIT in order to understand how SSR is conducted in grades 5 through 8.
There was a proposal to discuss how writing is conducted across the grades.


IV.              Behavior Policy


A.    Brief “Respect Guides Community” overview


B.   Open Discussion

Carrie Melucci asked for feedback from the group on the policy.  The group approved of the policy and thought that it had been well implemented.  Some of the parents commented that some of the acronyms (i.e. RTI) and programs referred to in the letter to parents should be more clearly defined. 

The Behavior Policy will be discussed during the group session at the Open House.  Carrie will revise the document and SIT will approve it at the next meeting.


     V.        New Business


The agenda for the next meeting was to watch a video on successful schools.  Since the majority of SIT members have already seen the video, those who have not can contact Carrie to get a copy.  We will discuss the video at the next meeting. 

Michaela Onosko discussed an initiative to implement a K-8 foreign language initiative.



     VI.              Action Items

Action Item

Assigned To

Due Date

1.     Collect input on changing guiding principals for mission statement

Marilyn Hostetler

October SIT meeting

2.     Set up joint SIT meeting with Lawn



3.     Investigate how writing is conducted across the grades



4.     Revise Behavior Policy with input from SIT

Carrie Melucci

October SIT meeting

5.     Distribute copies of video to SIT members who have not yet viewed it.

Carrie Melucci

October SIT meeting









Marilyn Hostetler


Teacher, SIT co-chair

Peggy Swark



Delores Bauer


Ramona Bessinger



Brenda Hawkins



Leanne Turenne



Michaela Onosko

Language Specialist Lawn

BJ Whitehouse


School Committee Laison

Charlene Tuttle



Jane Mitchell



Trish McDevitt



Jennifer Caswell



Carrie Melucci



Kim Ferguson


Tara M. Higgins


Carolyn Petrocelli


Furhana DiBiase