School Improvement Team – Lawn Avenue School

Minutes: September 10, 2009

Attendees: Lora DiMuccio, Michaela Onosko, Nora Santamour, Suzanne Sakovitz, Janet LaMantia, Bev Rudman, Dara Chadwick, Kristin DeSantis, Kathy Almanzor, Sue Pratt, Tom Carney, Ann Zainyeh, Lisa Carlisle and Jenn Kittredge-Clark

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Affecting Change

  1. Sub-Committees

  2. Old Business

  1. New Business

  2. Next SIT meeting- Team will view video on Rigor and Relevance by Bill Daggart. Meeting will take place on Thursday October 8th at 3:30pm.

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Lora DiMuccio

Recording Secretary