Attendees: Principal Kathy Almanzor, Jenn Clark, Ann Zainyeh, Theresa LeBlanc, Janet LaMantia and Lora DiMuccio

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  1. Old Business

Classroom Visits – yearly basis – possible March date.

  1. Kids Corner – Jamestown Press – Principal Almanzor will submit work on a rotating basis 5th through 8th grade. Student work will be published on the 2nd week of the month commencing October. Funding concerns will need to be discussed further.

  2. VIE – Volunteer In Education – Ann will provide total count of parent volunteers. Coordination required in order to match parent/community member with teacher. Expertise journal to be sent out parents.

  3. Discipline – Free Fridays – dates to be scheduled at first school faculty meeting. Emphasis on structured events. Students not participating will report to designated room/area.

3R pledge - To include grade 5 – community meeting during homeroom to discuss pledge. Students will take pledge in H.R. with volunteers assisting with project and hanging up of work.

Grade 5 – TIES – Tolerance…Integrity….Empathy will be the focus. Possible emphasis on the trait “empathy” to start the year.

Next SIT meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 10th at 3:30pm in the Lawn Avenue Library.

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Lora DiMuccio

Recording Secretary