School Improvement Team – Lawn Avenue School

Minutes: 3/11/2010

Attendees: Beverly Rudman, Julie, Kallfelz, Suzanne Sakovits, Nicholas Alfred, Tom Carney, Janet LaMantia, Kristen DeSantis Kathy Almanzor, Jenn Clarke, Lisa Carlisle

  1. Acknowledgements

  1. Old Business

Revisit answers from SIT members to question “If you could affect one change, what would it be?”

Standard Based Grading

Excellence in Effort for 5th & 6th

Challenging all students

Discussion: increasing apathy among male students regarding overall performance

Review of student nutrition and physical activity policy

  1. New Business

Scheduling and coordination of school and fundraising events

Grade level showcases of work

  1. Subcommittees

5. Next SIT meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 8th at 3:30pm in the library.

Meeting adjourned 5:00pm

Submitted by:

Lisa Carlisle