School Improvement Team – Lawn Avenue School

Minutes: 11/12/2009

Attendees: Jackie Haberland; Ann Zainyeh; Janet LaMantia; Jenn Kittredge-Clark; Kathy Almanzor; Kristen DeSantis; Lisa Carlisle; Lora DiMuccio; Nick Alfred; Nora Santamour; Susan Pratt; Tom Carney

  1. Acknowledgements

  1. Subcommittees

    1. Island Treasures – seeking a representative (possibly a retired teacher) interested in chairing this committee. Any individual interested, please contact SIT chairperson by January.

    2. Advisory – Gingerbread Express is a yearly community service project for students in advisory. Twenty one youngsters, in need, will be sponsored. All gifts will be brought in to advisory by November 19th for distribution. Students are excited to purchase gifts for their own age group. Individual Learning Plans(ILP)- upon completion of quarter one grades, students in grades 6-8 will begin to set 1-2 goals to work towards for remainder of the year. ILP’s will be stored in student folders and kept in advisory. Parent review of ILP document could occur during open house evening.

    3. Technology – Questions/discussion regarding an electronic report card system. Technology survey results received. An overview of the data from survey completed. The survey reinforced both the weaknesses and strengths of current technology. Technology committee reviewed results. Upgrades, professional development for teachers, downloading student information, compatibility were concerns discussed. Currently, all computers in school are working, laptops are a plus, additional laptops through SAMS. Recent PD with teachers addressed the following: Smartboard 1&2, Blogs, Word Tool 7 presentation. Nick Alfred will be the Technology representative for SIT.

    1. Section 508 of ADA states that technology needs to be accessible to disabled i.e. web pages for visually impaired and captioned videos. This is a discussion that will be addressed through the technology committee.

    1. Lisa Carlisle received comments regarding upgrading of school website. Feedback will be incorporated in web page. The goal is to have one company manage to provide software package to support all aspects of the web page including maintenance. Graphics, functionality, real time information, ease of use, and customizing will be discussed with chosen company. Grades 7&8 are using blogs which could also be incorporated. Principal Almanzor, Principal Meluccio and Dr. Lukon are all working toward the same goal. Contact Lisa with any thoughts/concerns concerning web page.

3. Old Business

  1. New Business

Next SIT meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 10th, 2009 in the Lawn School Library.

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Lora DiMuccio

Recording Secretary