Lawn Avenue School

School Improvement Team

February 12, 2009

Attendees: Ann Zainyeh, Lisa Carlisle, Dara Chadwick, Janet LaMantia, Duval DiGasper, Kathy Almanzor, Jenn Kittredge-Clark, Nick Alfred, Michaela Onosko, Kristen DeSantis

Acknowledgements: The team acknowledged the hard work and creativity shown in the math blogs, Spanish weather report projects, sixth-grade alliteration stories, the Jamestown Press kids’ page and the planned seventh and eighth-grade cross-curricular activity around the upcoming Volvo race.


Technology: A letter was written to Dr. Lukon about easing restrictions on Internet access for teachers to allow them to access certain Web sites more easily. This item has since been addressed. The School Committee was also approached regarding a one-time expenditure for technology (which will come from the unreserved fund). The keyboard budget has been removed because it is part of the regular budget. An eighth-grade tech literacy assessment was completed, showing that that 84 percent of long-time Jamestown students are proficient. A teacher technology survey is planned.

School Improvement Plan: Kathy Almanzor reports that the plan is all set.

Island Treasures Day: Sally Schott has sent a letter to all new participants.

New Business:

Budget Update: The new budget reflects a 2.66 percent increase. No positions have been cut at this time.

Old Business:

VIE Update: Teams met recently and were given an explanation of VIE and its goals.

Jr. National Honor Society: This topic was tabled until spring.

Standards-Based Grading system: A lively discussion of standards-based grading and the different report card formats was held. SIT members generally felt that they now have a better understanding of standards-based grading. The goal now is to make that understanding accessible to students and parents through an overview and FAQs page on the school Web site. There was some discussion of forming a subcommittee to oversee writing this text. Discussion was also held about making report cards more uniform across the different grade levels. The fifth and sixth teams will be invited the next meeting.

Next meeting will be held Thursday, March 12, from 3:30 to 5 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Dara Chadwick

Recording Secretary