Lawn School Improvement Team

January 10, 2008

Meeting notes

Attending: Kathy Almanzor, Nick Alfred, Kristen DeSantis, Sue Pratt, Karen Rafanelli, Carrie Mellucci, Cynthia Cherney, Lisa Carlisle, Kathleen Brown, Bev Rudman and Dara Chadwick.

Item 1: The upcoming Island Treasures Day on May 22, 2008, was discussed. Kathy will ask Isabel to make a list of all those who participated last year; she also asked the Team to be thinking of names of people who might want to participate this year. It was agreed that the fire truck, ambulance and police car were big hits with the students. Kathy also mentioned that the Clancys were disappointed that more parents did not attend a summer show of student work at the glassblowing studio. The Team expressed hope that the Clancys would be willing to participate again.

Item 2: Kathy announced that the School Improvement Plan now addresses issues that were brought up by the SALT self-study team. Members of the Team who did not receive a copy can request one. Among the goals of the plan are that “students will be respectful learners” and NECAP scores will increase by five percent for those students who are currently performing at or above a proficient level. Also discussed was the possibility of looking into the PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) program currently in use at several area schools. Reactions to the program from those who have experienced it are mixed, however, so careful evaluation is needed.

Item 3: The six-day schedule was discussed. It was agreed that the possibility of returning fifth and sixth grade to a five-day schedule should be explored; however, seventh and eighth grade will likely remain on a six-day schedule. Teachers like the larger block of academic time.

Item 4: The upcoming SALT team visit was discussed at length. Kathy discussed jobs for the SIT Team, including: Nick Alfred to take photographs of afterschool programs, Deb Murphy and Sally Schott will create signs directing team members to the different classrooms and Lisa Carlisle will create drawings of the floor plans for both schools. Kathy Brownell will assist Nick with photos, and Sally and Deb will also create a template of teacher schedules. Seven designated parking spaces – and accompanying signage – must also be created for each school.

The decision was made to locate the SALT team in the former “speech pathology room,” also known as Mrs. Kahn’s room or The Café. It was agreed that the room is a more private setting for the SALT team than the Conference Room, and also offers the benefit of windows.

Carrie Mellucci mentioned that interested members of the SIT team would have a “collating party” to put together a series of binders for the SALT team. Binders will include (possibly among others): SELAC, advisory groups, Lawn enrichment, math coach program, Island treasures, NECAP, PTO, Rolling Agenda and curriculum.

Food for the SALT visit will be handled by Sodexho, which will handle food preparation, replenishment and clean-up. Julie Kallfelz wanted to make sure that Kathy had a reference point for comparing the cost of Sodexho’s bid on the job.

The school will be thoroughly cleaned during the February break, and all lockers and cubbies will be cleaned as well.

Item 5: ConnectEd is now up and running; this telephone system will allow staff to broadcast voicemail messages to each other and to parents. The system, funded by the PTO, will also be used by the PTO for reminders to parents.

Next SIT meeting will be held February 8 at 4 p.m.