Lawn Ave.  SIT notes

November 10, 2005

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Lawn Ave School Improvement team

November 10, 2005

Meeting Notes

Minutes were corrected.

Respectfully, Mrs. Jane Sprague was remembered with a few moments of silence.

Old Business :

•  Up-to-date and corrected copies of SIT plan for Lawn Ave were distributed.

•  To avoid confusion, eliminate old drafts of this plan.

Historical Society

Maureen McGuirl made contact with historical society who were happy to discuss the historical significance of the Jamestown Community and become actively involved in organizing and/or participating in using Jamestown as a reenactment or investigation into how history happened in Jamestown.

•  Meeting at Rev. War battery

•  Mock “Quaker Wedding”

•  Picnic organized in area being discussed.

Event could be a day in June where teachers can be involved with their students in reenactments, visits, historical plays, etc.

Pam Storey agreed to lead this activity.

M. McGuirl said Historical Society was wonderful and they are willing to assist in any way!

Joint Meeting

Karen Rafanelli will work this idea through

SIT Lawn Ave., Melrose Ave., and PTO meeting in January or February

Suggestions: Change flow of traffic at Melrose Ave.

Ginny Perry—Could we spell out what SELAC

Is on Web Page.

Requested teacher e-mail

Sleep Committee

North Kingstown is organizing a committee to work on changing the hours of the High School. Two members from Jamestown can join the committee. The first meeting will be held on Nov. 22, 2005.

Health and Wellness Committee

•  School year by 2006 we will deal with nutrition and physical education.

•  Be sure to get the word out to other committees and staff meetings information of what committee is doing. Food planning, Birthday party celebrations, PE

Already done

•  Restricted ice cream sales

•  Brought in option of having cereal at lunch

•  Rid of sticky buns, giant drinks, chips, etc.

•  Added yogurt bar (on trial) and insufficient numbers purchased. It will be continued in the spring.

•  P.E. Piece: Future plan is suggested to hold PE/fitness program daily. It is not mandated but you do need to keep physical.

•  November 30 th will be the next Health and Wellness Committee meeting. (3:15 Lawn Ave. Conference Rm)

•  The price of healthy foods are more expensive and therefore

•  Soup and sandwich will begin in December. Same cost!

•  Salad Bar opens in spring. Same cost!

Classroom Celebrations :

Opinions of SIT members were varied. Home cooked vs. Store Bought. Maybe don't eliminate the celebrations with food, rather identify rules once a year per student and what is allowed.

Middle School Programming/Scheduling

•  Discussed SC meeting that was held last week.

Jamestown article was good…Did share specific points.

•  Newport Daily News: Will have in Friday, Nov.11 of the middle school program.

•  System Wide, Administration does not support large class numbers. However, it also believes in the idea of 3 instructional groups rather than two, (which looks like it could happen because of the low number of students.) Having two instructional groups rather, than 3, would hinder the curriculum and the span of experiences.

•  At the next SC meeting, Spec. Ed., and Beth Pinto will present and discuss their facts and knowledge as they justify the number of classes. This would include the Co-teaching model that has been occurring in the past years at Jamestown. This meeting will not take a vote. News articles that identify the demands of education today and ways to look at the total child were forwarded to the S Committee. Identification of Middle School was also sent for them to peruse.

Discussion of change…may not include a change in administration…(Principal of Lawn Ave.?) will not add administration… keep what we have at this time. Focus will most likely deal with what needs to be done.

In the School newspapers, The Warrior, identify time, place and agenda of December 1 st , SC meeting that will be held along with a directive asking people to come to listen and share their knowledge with the SC.

Private School Students:

•  Fall Membership Numbers of students attending Private School Students is 21% of our Jamestown kids are being educated off island.

The School Committee will need to preserves, improve and enhance the needs of the children in Jamestown.

SORICO Southern RI Collaborative

Big things are coming.

Moderately, reasonably, and temperately arrange number of instructional groups and teachers.

Meeting ended: 5:30