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October 13, 2005

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Meeting was called to order at 4:00

Notes were accepted.

Membership 2005/2006 and Meeting Schedule

Welcome new member: Ms Hawkins

Old Business

•  Website School Suggestion Box - Two suggestions have been submitted from students. It was decided that the addition of the suggestion box on the website be noted on the Warrior. It was suggested that a “thank you” be a response after the suggestion was opened, so it is clear that suggestions are read.

School Improvement Plan – Final forms for each group need to be completed. Group one has submitted a final form, but Group two and three need to submit a completed form. Information needs to be gathered from group members.

•  Curriculum Plan

Template is on-line for teachers to complete. This project is part of professional development. Teachers have been required to address additional mandates, such as PLPs. If curriculum information is forwarded to Isabel, she will type the information into the template. This information will be available on-line as it becomes completed.

•  Discipline Code

The new Behavior Code was distributed to students and parents on October 11, 2005. Cynthia Cherney met with the students in each grade level to review the code for clear understanding. In order to confirm receipt of the behavior code, the last page needs to be signed by the parent and student and returned to their homeroom teacher.

•  Survey

A letter needs to go home to parents with results from the Spring 2005 survey. In order to continue to get feedback in the future, a friendly letter needs to go home to acknowledge receipt of the surveys.

•  School Committee Workshops

Several SIT members attended the first workshop. A meeting was held last night, October 12 th , as a result of the first workshop. Last night's meeting referenced grounds and fields in regards to who owns fields and who maintains fields.

On November 3 rd and December 1 st two important School Committee Workshop meetings are scheduled. Restructuring, Reorganization, Shared Services, Middle School Programming, Class Size, and Support Services will continue to be discussed.

New Business

A. Warrior Mascot

Discussion is continuing regarding the “Warrior” mascot. Some support the “Warrior” while others find it offensive. The Student Council has been working at building school spirit. Changing the mascot or redefining the mascot has been discussed. Chief Sachem Matthew Thomas was written a letter asking for the tribe's views on the “Warrior” as a mascot. No response has been received.

B. Enrichment Day/Theme Day

Pam Story has been instrumental in promoting a special enrichment day where regular classes are suspended and the day focuses on our community of Jamestown with a “Discover Jamestown” theme. There is concern that studying Jamestown is no longer part of the curriculum. Such topics as the settlers to Jamestown, Native Americans, the commerce, and the arts would be included. The program would not be teacher directed. Parent involvement would be important for its success.

There is some concern that “good teaching time” is interrupted. It is suggested that June or close to Thanksgiving would be a better time for the event. The idea will be brought to the staff for feedback, and Maureen McGuirl will bring up the theme day with the Jamestown Historical Society.

  1. Upcoming Meetings

It was questioned as to whether a joint SIT meeting would be beneficial. It was also suggested that a joint meeting with representatives from all the different groups be held. Such groups as SIT, SELAC, PTO, etc. come together to present their goals. March was suggested for the joint meeting. Karen Rafanelli volunteered to contact the different groups and coordinate the meeting.

A joint meeting of SIT and the teachers is scheduled for December 5 th .

At Open House, seventh grade parents had many questions and concerns regarding homework, honor roll, and report cards. Fifteen parents attended a meeting that Kathy Sipala held for the parents. It was a productive meeting where concerns were noted and questions were answered. Report card suggestions will be addressed and Honor Roll questions were answered. It was suggested that a “Report Card” night be held before report cards are distributed. This would facilitate better communication for parents' understanding of the report cards. There were questions regarding grading procedures and how they correlate with private school. Upon completion of the 2004-2005 school year, one student chose to attend private high school.

  1. Preparation for Nov. 3 Workshop – Middle School Programming
    1. Status Quo Instructional groups
    2. Instructional Groups Adjustments: 3 Grade 5, Grade 6,

3 Grade 7, 4 Grade 8

    1. Instructional Group Adjustments: 2 Grade 5, 3 Grade 6

•  Grade 7, 4 Grade 8

    1. Instructional Groups: Grades 5 and 6 in one of the arrangements above and Gr. 7 and Gr. 8 with 3 in each grade
    2. Gr. 5 and 6 in one of the arrangements above and Gr. 7/8 in a new arrangement with reduced staff, or looping, split team idea with teachers having responsibility for 2 grades.
    3. Gr. 5 in one of the arrangements above and Gr. 6/7/8 in a new arrangement, teaching by discipline

There are many possible options and the conversation will continue through November and December. These plans will be presented to the staff at Monday's faculty meeting. For parents to see the process, a public forum will follow each session. These sessions will be announced in the Jamestown Press and the Warrior.