Lawn Ave.  SIT notes

September 8, 2005

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Meeting was called to order at 4:00

Notes were corrected and accepted.

Membership 2005/2006 and Meeting Schedule

Welcome two new members: Cynthia Cherney and __________Morris

Suggested meetings:

September 29 – suggested joint SIT with Melrose

November 7 – Lawn SIT joint meeting with Lawn Faculty

October SIT meeting will determine an agenda for joint meeting with faculty.

Old Business

•  RIDE Statement - Letter from State Dept. of Ed was read. The letter

supports public funds being used to communicate to their communities on

matters concerning public education, at the same time avoid expenditures

of public funds for partisan purposes. In the future, Kathy Sipala, as

Superintendent, will make decisions regarding flyers that are distributed

and will confer with the attorney if needed.

•  Lawn Survey – Spring 2005 – There were eighty-three responses to the

survey. Kathy Sipala will discuss some comments written by parents with

staff. Sam Pease will communicate with others who gathered and

reviewed results and write a cover letter to go with the results. One

suggested change due to the survey is an e-mail suggestion box on the

school website. The goal is to have a link set up for Open House.

•  Curriculum Chart – teachers present outcomes to parents at Open House

and will insert the information on the curriculum chart. The goal is to

create a chart for The Lawn Ave. School by the first quarter report


•  Salt Visits – Lark Goodyear and Sarah Baines are scheduled for SALT


•  Revised SIT Plan – Kathy Sipala suggested that a goal this year to be developing good school/parent partnerships.

F. School/Parent Partnerships

•  Suggestions for improved communication:

Picnics, potlucks, gallery night, progress reports, each grade level have events, Home/School Compact.

Principal's Report


5 th grade – 58

6 th grade – 56

7 th grade – 62

8 th grade – 73

Class size is under 20

High School – approximately 240 students – including 5 new students

The influx of military students is expected to continue. Jamestown Schools does not qualify for impact aide.


World Language and Spanish programs are being reviewed. There is

much dialogue with the high school. Not all 8 th graders are “ready”

for Spanish, so may not be prepared for high school Spanish. Some

high school students are dropping Spanish. World Language may need

to be enhanced. A question was raised regarding a Pre-Spanish course.

New Business

•  SIT Role in SC Workshops – It is suggested that we look at all topics, ideas, and explore all possibilities. We need to examine how the Jamestown School community may “look” in years ahead. The community does not have the critical mass of people necessary to support our school community. There will be workshops scheduled with posted topics for reorganization and restructuring.

Better information is recommended for dispersing information about workshops.

B. Lawn SIT Handbook

A Behavior Code Handbook developed with staff input will be

distributed to students. Students were presented with an overview to

the behavior code at an assembly. The 6 Ps: positive, polite, proud,

productive, prompt, and prepared were also introduced to the students

and will be reinforced in each classroom and throughout the school year.

The Behavior Code will be presented to parents at Open House and

parents and students will have the handbook to read in approximately

three weeks.