I can be reached at either building throughout the day but I normally start at Melrose first thing. My extension at Melrose is 109 and at Lawn is 209. I travel back and forth between buildings throughout the day.


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November 2013 Pledge to Live Smoke Free in RI

The RI Department of Health and Tobacco Control Program are gearing up for a new campaign focused on the benefits of going smoke free, both inside and out. The “Pledge to Live Smoke Free” campaign is designed to encourage Rhode Islanders to select from a list of spaces they would like to see designated as smoke-free and and why. Areas can include multi- unit housing, community parks, beaches, college campuses and recreational areas.

This three week campaign which is running from November 3 – 24 will direct people to their program's website www.livesmokefree.ri.gov to take the Pledge. Video pledges can also be posted to YouTube with the title “I Pledge to Live Smoke Free”. Tools and resources are available at each site to learn more about the benefits and steps to adopting smoke – free policies.

The “Pledge to Live Smoke Free” will coincide with the American Cancer Society's Great American Smokeout and also encourage people to take the first steps to becoming smoke free themselves by calling the RI Smoker's Helpline 1-800-Quit-Now.


November Screenings: Heights and Weights @ Melrose

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