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May 2013

New Requirements under the Healthy, Hunger –Free Kids Act

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act expands the district local educational agencies (LEAs) scope of wellness policies, brings in additional stakeholders in its development, implementation and review and requires public updates on the content and implementation of the wellness polices.

So how is Jamestown policy being reviewed, updated and implemented?

Aramark, our food service provider, uses locally grown and produced fruits and vegetables, and dairy items when possible. Public input regarding squash offered to the students at Melrose was unfavorable, too pureed and not appetizing in the offering. Aramark aware and will try to provide the squash in a different presentation. Farm foods introduced to Melrose have been parsnips and turnips; Lawn was offered bok choy in their stir fry items.

Jamestown Schools offer physical education to all students in grades K-8, we exceed the 100 minutes required by law. School enrichment programs include Karate, Yoga, Kickball, Golf, Skiing@ Yagoo; and Sailing .Staff has opportunities to join the Yoga and Pilates classes offered throughout the year. This LEA has always had the PE/HE staff as part of our Health and Wellness Committee, school physician, Dr. Joseph England when able to attend, and the school nurse-teacher. New members recently joined and have rounded out our committee and look forward to new ideas and suggestions to improve our district goal to reduce obesity and promote healthy lifestyles.

Information is shared with staff in the teachers' rooms and via sub-committee of Jamestown School Committee, Sarah Baines, the H&W Chair. At our most recent meeting, Aramark announced that Melrose School was selected the 2012-13 Healthy School Coalition's Bronze recipient. The school will receive a $500.00.The criteria included creativity of menus, compliance with ADA requirements, PE classes and cleanliness of the kitchen.

The 2012-13 guidelines have changed for what is placed on a student's meal tray; must meet 100% USDA requirements. Waste is a concern and commonly voiced complaint. Continuation of offering new foods on a regular basis, Aramark hopes students will try them and like them.

The current Nutrition and Physical Activity Policy will need to include these new recommendations and they have been forwarded to the School Committee members responsible for Policy writing.


UPCOMING SCREENING : May 17 th : RI Hearing Center Team will be here to screen students in grades Pre-K through 3 rd grade.



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