Grade 7/8
  7th Grade Curriculum 8th Grade Curriculum
Excellence in Effort requirements
Student Work Examples


Mr. Carney / 7th Grade Reading & Language Arts /
more from Mr. Carney


Mr. Alfred / 7th Grade Math /
more from Mr. Alfred


Mr. Kaczynski / 7th and 8th Grade Science /
more from Mr. K


Ms. McGuirl / 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies /
8th Grade History Goals


Ms. Onosko / 7th and 8th Grade Spanish /
more from Ms. Onosko


Ms. Connelly / 8th Grade Reading & Language Arts /
more from Ms. Connelly

  Mrs. Goodburn / 8th Grade Math /
more from Mrs. Goodburn.

Mrs. Aho / Grade 7 Resource /
7th Grade Homework


Mrs. Sandra Reynolds / Grade 8 Resource /

  8th Grade Homework