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Our current book for reading instruction:

We are reading outloud:

What we have read outloud:

Your child needs to be recording the books he/she is reading. Our goal is for each student to read at least 25 books this year. (Yes, this can include the novels that we read in class) 

It is important that you model reading. Let them see you take time to sit down and enjoy a good book. 

 30 minutes of reading a night! 


Science Curriculum

Electric Circuits

Land and Water

Motion and Design 

You are welcome to see the science curriculum that was fine-tuned last year. The main office has copies of the science curriculum - as well as the classroom teacher. It may help you see the layout of the year! 

Explore the Scope and Sequence of the GEMs Science Program


Currently - we have completed Unit Four of the Everyday Mathematics program - Decimals.

Students are understanding that the mathematics instruction has three components. Direct instruction, small group work and independent work.

Students who are ready to be challenged will be in a variety of ways in 4-1. There will be materials that range in difficulty available for the child to self select. Those students who are ready - will be encouraged to attempt the more difficult task.
We will be looking for indepth knowledge of the material - rather than merely moving forward with content.

The New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) have grade level expectations in mathematics. We are using these to frame our instruction. Feel free to view them by clicking here.

I have a few of the GLE's here - but the Problem Solving and Measurement piece is missing.


Social Studies

Current Topic - United  States - Westward Expansion

*Oregon Trail
*United States

Please feel free to call the school if you have questions.

Each month a fourth grade newsletter will go home giving you an update of important dates. This will also be online!


Writing - Ask your child about :

 The two-headed turtle stories that they have written!
The Harris Burdick Story Writing Contest
The Strange Woman Writing Mini-prompt
Their Bio-Poems