Dear Parents of Jamestown School Students,

The Jamestown PTO would like to welcome back all of you for the 2001-2002 school year! The PTO will be sponsoring various events for fundraising and just plain fun during the next year. The mission of the PTO is "to promote the best interests of the children in home and school through the shared cooperation of families and teachers". The fundraising "fills in the gaps" between the school's needs and its budget. It may subsidize trips, upgrade technology or bring to fruition the creative ideas of a faculty member. Parents may get involved through contributing money and/or time.

The following is our Board of Directors: Please feel free to contact us at any time.

President: Karen Camp_____79 Columbia Lane_____423-1180
Vice-President:, Social: Bev Rudman_____65 Green Lane_____423-1528
Vice-President, Fundraising:Karen Rafanelli_____433 Schooner Ave._____423-3953
Treasurer: Sue Fay________1 Swinburne St._________423-3027
Recording and Corresponding Secretary:Lisa Carlisle_____West Passage St._____423-3353
Advisors: Ann Marie Deffley_____161 Intrepid Lane_____423-3326
               Fred Pease___________29 Maple Ave._______423-0285
Teacher Liaisons Christine Bernardo_____2 Spanker_____423-3929/9717
Graphics Designer:Diane Wright_____31 Wright Lane_____423-1652

PTO meetings are held the first Monday of every month. At the meetings, issues are raised and discussed which affect the school and our children. Decisions are made as to how to raise money and requests for funding are reviewed. Everyone is invited to attend and fresh opinions are welcome! Get involved - you'll be glad you did!

Please support the school either through becoming a PTO member, joining us at the meetings or BOTH!


The Jamestown PTO