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Rita Murray Music Collection Policy

The collection of music in the Jamestown Library will be known as the Rita C. Murray Music Collection.

I. Purpose of the collection.

The collection is primarily for the use and enjoyment by individuals, community music groups, and local choirs.

II. Acquisition of materials.

A. An amount determined by the trustees and the librarian will be specified in the annual library budget for replacement of lost and worn music and the additions of music. Books about music and recording will also be added.

B. Donations of music and money will be encouraged. Gifts of music and recordings will be screened for suitability by the librarian before being added to the collection.

III. Storage of materials.

A. Music will be stored in folders in file drawers. New files will be provided when needed. Circulation cards will be made when a loan is requested. The names of the music, the number of copies borrowed, and the borrower’s name will be noted on the card.

B. Records will have circulation cards and will be stored on appropriate shelving. New shelves will be provided as needed.

C. Music and recordings will have a special area in the library. Books will be shelved with the other books according to their classification numbers.

IV. Circulation of materials.

A. Responsible users with an adult borrowers card may borrow music and recordings. If music is borrowed for use by a group, the director or an equally responsible person will sign for the materials and will accept the responsibility for caring for and returning the materials. Loans will not be restricted to Jamestown residents.

B. The loan period for music will be established on an individual basis by the librarian and the patron. The loan period may be extended if no one else has requested the material.

C. When multiple copies of music are borrowed, one copy will remain in the folder.

V. Material security.

A. The collection will be open to adult patrons.

B. Lost or damaged music and recordings, and missing parts of scores will be replaced as needed at the discretion of the librarian.

VI. Equipment.

A. The music collection will be publicized in accordance with its growth and use.

B. Information about the collection will be included in the library brochure.

Adopted October 1981 Board of Trustees