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Policy for Lost Materials

Thank you for paying for the following lost Jamestown Library material. Sooner or later, every good library user has the misfortune to misplace library material.
Our procedure for lost materials is as follows:
  1. It is library policy to charge the replacement cost for materials - so there will be times when the amount stated in the computer and the amount we need to charge you will be different.
  2. If possible, please pay for your lost book with a check. This will assist you in keeping a record of the transaction.
  3. Should you return the material, you may receive a refund, minus the processing fee. The refund will have to be generated through the town and consequently may take several weeks.
  4. Refunds for returned previously lost and paid for materials are only available if the material is returned within three (3) months time from the day the material is paid for i.e. if you pay for a lost book on May 2, 1994, you are eligible for a refund until August 2, 1994.
The staff has been directed to provide you with a copy of the form stating the title of the book and the unique bar-code number with the amount paid. This is your receipt. It will be helpful but not necessary for you to provide the receipt when seeking reimbursement since we will have the original in our files.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of your transactions with the Library.