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Policy - Display and/or Exhibit Materials

It is Library policy to make bulletin board and free materials space available as a privilege to individuals, community groups and organizations

The privilege of placing exhibits, posters, free materials and displays in the Library may be granted subject to the following conditions:

 1.  Posters announcing bazaars or programs sponsored by any local educational, governmental, religious, or fraternal organizations may be displayed provided there is room for such displays and they are of a reasonable size.  Generally, posters should be exhibited for a period not to exceed three weeks.

 2.  No other poster, display, exhibit, pamphlet, brochure, leaflet, newspaper, newsletter, or booklet shall be exhibited, displayed or placed in the Library for distribution without permission from the Library Director.

 3.  No poster or display shall be permitted which advocates or solicits consideration of any product or item sold by any commercial enterprise.


 It is Library policy that the Library be a place free from commercial or charitable solicitation other than for the Library or the Friends of the Library.


Jamestown Library Board of Trustees

Nov. 18, 1993