The Barge Rule

Rover's Rules Of Order, Chapter 1, Section A:

DAWG LOGIC - Lesson 1: The Barge Rule

The Barge Rule states "If it looks and sounds too hard or is not related to raising money and then blowing up said dollars, any Dawg may invoke the Barge Rule. Once the Barge Rule is invoked further discussion is automatically halted and never to be spoken of again. This arose when officials asked the Dawgz some years ago "Why don't you shoot from a  barge?" A Dawg responded "Why don't YOU shoot from a barge?" You see, shooting from a barge would entail a lot of permits from a number of government agencies that we would rather not bother. So, if a task looks too difficult to accomplish or does not adhere to our stated goal of raising money and blowing it up we don't care.

The Barge Rule has worked for us. It may work for you.


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