Our Simple creed (it has to be simple, we're not all that smart:)
"If you give us money, we'll blow it up"

Thanks to the local businesses that have collection canz:

McQuade's Market

Grapes and Gourmet

Jamestown Hardware

Baker's Pharmacy



These are NOT your government tax dollars at work!



Ann Zartler

Pat & Jim Perry

John & Teddy Leyon

Francele Boyer

Tom & Dorrie Linn

Rose Fraley

Baxter & Patricia Venable

Heidi Keller Moon

Nicholas & Mary Biddle


Newport County Convention & Visitor's Bureau

Agnes Filkins, in memory of Jim

Jamestown Lion's Club

Delia Klingbeil

Robert S. Fuller

Don and Gloria O'Laughlin

Frank and Gail Delmonico

George and Virginia Berglund

Tot and Mary Wright

Joseph and Mary Berthelot

Ira and Fae Murphy

Jeanne Bunkley

Patty Vandal “Blow one up for Mo!”

Sarah and Steve Young

Charles and Alexis Pyle

Richard and Christa Casey

Marie Pecchia

Ann Dodge


John and Madonna Shannon

Noel and Bruce Brakenhoff

Win Reed

Jan Allen

The Weltys

Winston and Judy Knight


East Ferry Market

Richard and Elizabeth Edie

Bill and Virginia Burgin

FredDawg sez "Thank you Earthlings!"

Gayen Thompson

Ann and Bruce McIntyre

Barry and Carla Cook

Michael and Kathleen O'Neil

Richard and Pamila Haas

Isabel Coyle

Lynn and William Berman

Jeanne Spinosa

Wendy and Edward Harvey

Floyd and Joann Grau

Erin and Joseph Gregg

Frank and Hope Darigan

John and Joan McCauley

John and Diane Allard

Peter and Rochelle Carnevale

Anne and Paul Barrett

Tom and Anne Tighe

Bruce Craven

Robert and Jane Mead

Erin and William Marsh

Norm and Joyce Beretta

Paul and Pat Jutras

Frederick Glomb and Christine Ferguson

Jan and John Grant


Tom and Terry Tiernan

Paula and Bob Florentino

William and Anne Constant Ewing

Jean Lilly

John and Karen Benson

Newport County Convention and Visitor's Bureau

Lenny Albaugh

House of Pizza - Freddie Bingle

vonHohenleiten Family

De and Arthur Christman

Dr. Joseph and Barbara Sammartano

Lorraine Spooner

Wes Yando

Cheryl Page and Joe Tiexiera

Andy Weicker

Linda Scott and James Bennett

Fred and Dottie Clarke

Richard and Elizabeth Beretta

Bernice Greene

Andrew and Margaret Holmes

Judy Garlick

J. Robert and Marie Greco

Walter and Pearl Turgeon

Frank and Jillian Meyer

Jean and Robert Lambert

The List Goes On and On!!

Island Rubbish Service

Deb and Dennis Owens

L. Leigh Gribble (USN-Ret.)

Baker's Pharmacy

Tim Baker “In memory of Nancy Baker”

Ellie Baker

William Bazzy

Diana and John Wilcox

Diana Brown

Whit and Leo Brown

Mark and Deborah Swistak

Nanci Wass

Jennifer Laflamme

Jan Garrett & David Booth

JH Collins Enterprises

Lucile Newman

Rich Heath & Prudy Sellars

Peter & Susan Gaynor

Jack & Judy Heelan

Karan & Charlie Osenton

Robert & Andrea Dolan

These Folks Are Amazing!!!!

Dennis & Rebecca Gunn

Sally & Peter Schott

Don & Heather Minto

John & Carleen O'Brien

Anna Bernath

Sally & David Ryan

Ken Littman & Susan Finn

Alena & William Caldarone

Ralph & Donna Pensa

Paul & Susan Greene

Ann Zartler

Cynthia Butler

David & Linda Brasil

Donna Sisson

Tom & Annette Weaver

Don & Janice Bresnan

Lance Gershenoff and Kate Smith

Andrew and Susan Roos

Ronald and Beverley Barber

James and Helen Haas

Donald and Carolyn Palumbo

Robert and Jane Fagan

Pede Manchester and Marion Pierce

Gerald B. Bay

Susan Baccari

Norma and Bud Walsh

and all of you that put some $ in the buckets at the beach - THANKS!

Can Collection Sites:

McQuade’s Market - a BIG, Fat Thanks to the Auxiliary Rocket Dawgs Who Have Been Shaking Us All Down For Our Grocery Change ALL YEAR!!!!

Jamestown Hardware

Grapes & Gourmet

Baker’s Pharmacy

Jamestown Liquors

Further Ka-Booms Go To:

Jamestown Town Clerk’s Office

Press Dawgz at the Jamestown Press

Jamestown Police

Jamestown Fire Department


KA-BOOM!!! and KA-WOOF!!!

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